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Mon-Thur via Zoom
Sat-Sun via Zoom and in-person


1:1 Coaching

I’m here for you…

  • I understand Your needs: For over 30 years I’ve coached many people, just like you! And now I am offering my services publicly.
  • Results Oriented: Let’s meet to determine what is holding you back in life and discuss the pathway to breaking free
  • Quality and Community: I believe in Community. It’s true that sometimes it takes a village to effect change. Should you wish to do so, become part of our community to share, encourage and inspire one another on the journey.


Feel Like it’s time to make a change but can’t seem to find a way?

I’m Here to Help

Deeper connection to Self

Change starts with understanding your innate Self; understanding the Energy that you are, as well as how to lift your Energy to a place more of benefit to you.  What you focus upon in that specific place is what begins to transform your world, your life and yourself.

Develop a sense of empowerment

You are the story-teller of your life and you have the power to create the life you want, let’s find that together.

Uncovering your internal blocks to happiness and success

We all have baggage, let’s pack those up and leave them at the door. Start living the life your deserve today.

Living in appreciation and joy

Learn the skills of appreciation to live a more joyful life.

Psychic Mediumship

Why I am here

Empowerment is the core of my work.

  • It is important each person I engage with is inspired, encouraged and empowered into the life they actually came here to live.
  • Each aspect of my work is geared to provide and enhance clarity in life, begin or continue your healing path of grief and empower you to unleash the power within, which is the innate transformational power that is you.
  • I have so many tools at my disposal that I am eager to share with you to assist you on your journey.  From psychic guidance, to mediumship, to coaching.  At the heart of it all is the I AM journey that is waiting for you to embark upon. I AM positive of the results that can be realized and I AM absolutely certain you are worth every moment of effort you can apply. All of this can be life-altering in the most positive way possible. Are you ready for change? Let me help and guide you along the way!  
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How it works

When I tap into your energy, several things occur:

  • I am able to see how your life has unfolded from your first breath until the moment of our meeting
  • I am able to connect with loved ones who have made their transition back to non-physical energy and offer their messages of love and encouragement. Proof that much more is going on in life than what our five senses tell us.
  • I am able to gauge from looking at your chakra system how you may best release the energy that is not of benefit to you anymore. I offer the tools to help you walk into the life you came here to live.
  • I am eager and ready to dispense all my tools in your direction to help you transform your life into something more joyful, more effortless, and definitely more of how you wish it to be. You do not have to feel alone on your path. Why not travel your path with me? Are you ready?

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is different for everyone, depending on what you want to achieve.

CONTACT the coach


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+ Reach out to me today

+ Tell me a bit about yourself, maybe include what you’re struggling with, and what you hope to achieve.

+ I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with options on how we can work together.

Schedule a Coaching Session



+ Book a 2-hour coaching session *

+ Let’s talk about how you’re doing, what you hope to achieve and get you started on a new path

+ You’ll walk away with tools to get you started

+ I’ll follow-up with a package designed specifically for you, discounting the cost of the session

* should the session not take 2 hours, remainder of time will be booked before end of session

Coaching Package


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This starter coaching package is for those that want to get started today.


+ UP TO 4 HOURS OF ONE-ON-ONE COACHING (typically 30 days)*


+ INCLUDES ACCESS TO THE I AM JOURNEY, either through the group registration or as an individual.

*can be split to longer or shorter check-ins depending on frequency and need.

All coaching packages include access to a Members only area on this website. From there you’ll receive inspiration, be able to reach out to me, book appointments and take an I AM Journey.


Have questions? Not sure what path to take? Book a free 15-minute consultation now!


Messages of Love from my Clients


We have requested readings, coaching and personal wisdom from Ara over the last 9 years and because of her direct connections to the non-physical energy that we often refer to as God.  We have been able to learn how God set up this universe and we have learned about a law of the universe that we often call “Law of Attraction” AKA quantum physics.  

Ara is very well versed and very knowledgeable about all the laws of this universe and has coached myself and my family over the years in how to create what we want in this lifetime.

If it were not for Ara, we would have been creating what we did not want and would have been very unhappy not knowing how we do create our lives with our focus.  We now create only what we want to create and thanks to Ara our lives are wonderful and fulfilling.  

We now are able to obtain the wisdom needed when we feel we need Ara and her amazing coaching and wisdom to pull us out of holes we dug ourselves and need her help to pull us out and get ourselves back on track.

It is one thing to know what to do but actually being able to feel better to allow in what you have created is when Ara has been irreplaceable and amazing. 

She has coached me and my family out of holes we have created many times over the years and could not have done this without her outstanding knowledge, wisdom and divine insight.  

Thank you Ara!


When I first spoke to Ara, I will admit, I was a bit skeptical. I was going through a full blown life crisis that was controlling my life in a negative way, so I figured what’s the harm in trying to see a different perspective.

After diving into what the issues were, I came to realize it was blocks or “walls” I had placed in my own way that were prevening me and my life from becoming what I had always envisioned it to be. Through her coaching and techniques I was able to open myself up to the divine guidance she was providing and using these new skills, wouldn’t you know it, everything turned around in an incredibly fast and dramatic way. I realized I had the power to change everything. And it did and has ever since.

Ara has brought an incredible gift into my life by teaching me how to get what I want out of life and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is in need of turning their lives around in a positive way. I will take the lessons I have learned from Ara and instill them in everything I do going forward through my life. Without her guidance I surely would still be lost.