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Frequently Asked

Do you do predictions?

Predictions are not the core of my work as I believe they can be disempowering. My commitment to you is to lift the cloud of confusion so you can see your choices more clearly.

Will you be able to tune into the people in my life still living and tell me what they are thinking/doing?
No. My commitment is to you. When a session commences it by permission between you and I. I do not have the permission of other people to tap into their energy. It is more important to focus on you and your responses/reactions to these people and offer the tools to help you change your perspective.
Will you always bring through who I wish to speak with during a mediumship session?
Chances are very good that you will hear from those closest and meaningful to you. However, there are times when your loved one deems it not to be the perfect time to insert himself/herself into your reality. I trust Spirit as it sees/knows more than I do. You should trust it too.
Do I have to have something in mind to focus on for a session or can we just have fun?
I am committed to empowering individuals. It is best to have a reason for the session. Fun is a by-product of the session.
How do I prepare for a session
Nothing but try and spend at least 10 min relaxing or meditating before your session. Your only task during the session is to be completely open with absolutely no expectation of what you think you should hear.

Online Resources

Ara Parisien The Other Side of Grief

The Other side of grief

This book details how I grew up with this ability, honed it, and successfully began my professional career as a medium.

Co-authored with the Council of 12, The Other Side Of Grief offers hope and inspiration within the context of the grieving process. Sharing selected transcripts from thousands of readings over twenty-five years, these transcripts not only showcase how Spirit encourages us to live joyfully, in spite of what we feel we have lost, but also serves to illuminate the pathway to discovering the eternal gifts our loved ones leave behind.

Ara Parisien Everyday Wisdom Book

Everyday Wisdom

Much like the wisdom of Abraham, the Council of 12 offer their keen and profound insight to everyday words to effect Everyday Wisdom. If you are looking for a different perspective in order to make changes in your life then this book is for you. It offers words to aspire to–or expand beyond.

I AM Focus Journal of Transformation

I AM: Focus Journal of Transformation


This journal serves as a powerful assistant in the transformation of your life.

“I AM” are the first two words of creation.
Whatever you say after the words I AM the Universe moves to bring into your reality. Typically we are creating what we least want by thinking/saying things like “I AM sick of this” etc. You can tell by the results in your life whether you are creating appropriately for yourself.

You are more powerful than you realize and have all the tools you require to change your world.

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