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Ara Parisien, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Author

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Do you do predictions

Predictions are not the core of my work as I believe they can be disempowering. My commitment to you is to lift the cloud of confusion so you can see your choices more clearly and understand your future is forged by every choice you make in the Now.


Will you be able to tune into the people in my life still living and tell me what they are thinking/doing?

My commitment is to YOU. When a session commences it is by permission between you and I. It is more important to focus on you and your responses/reactions to others and offer the tools to help you change your perspective.


Will you always bring through who I wish to speak with during a mediumship session?

Chances are excellent that you will hear from those closest and most meaningful to you.


Do I have to have something in mind to focus on for a session or can we just have fun?

It is best to have a reason. Fun is a by-product.


How do I prepare for a session?

Try and spend at least 10 min relaxing or meditating beforehand. Your only task is to be completely open to all messages you receive.