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Dream visitations
October 12, 2021

Since I am offering a Dream Interpretation Workshop for a limited time, I thought I would touch on a subject near and dear to my heart! Dream visitations!

Why do Spirits Come in Our Dreams?

Spirit often connects with us as we sleep. Why do they do that? It is a time when the ego consciousness is asleep and the subconscious mind is wide open. You see, ego consciousness is the part of the mind that disseminates information. In other words, it has the ability to dismiss some information and retain other information. The subconscious mind cannot. While the ego consciousness sleeps, the ability for it to dismiss a dream or retain a dream is not operational. What is operational is the sheer openness of all information.

How Are Spirits Able To Appear In Our Dreams?

In dreamstate, the subconscious mind allows the information to appear without judgment. Think about this. In a dream you may see your loved ones standing or sitting before you. The rapture you feel, the love you exude and the joy it brings is felt fully. It is not judged. It is not dismissed. It is allowed and accepted.

How Will I Know It Was A Visitation And Not Just A Dream?

Upon waking you may choose to reject the experience, however, typically there is something so powerful about the dream visitation that you find you are not quick to do so. Pay attention to how you feel upon waking. The dream visitation is a dream occurring on a higher frequency than an ‘ordinary’ dream. The dream visitation will be vivid. It will be detailed. It will be etched on your very soul for eternity. When you awake you may feel brief euphoria. You will feel the dream was SO powerful it had to be real. You feel this way because it was real. You will remember every detail, vividly for the rest of your life.

What Do Spirits Do In Dream Visitations?

Typically, the main objective is to show you they are okay. This is shown by them simply appearing in your dream and emanating joy, peace etc. Rarely do they hug you or speak. This may seem disappointing to you when you awaken, however, upon reflection, the vibration of ‘well-being’ is vibrating within you. There is a sense of certainty that is pervasive whereby you absolutely know your loved one is safe, healthy, happy and strong. Often that is enough for a human being to know in order to continue to heal through grief.

Here is an example:

My father died suddenly. The shock was so great that even I, a medium, simply could not comprehend where he went. I could not reconcile his being here one moment and gone the next. I spent three months thereafter asking, “Dad, where are you?”

At the end of those three months of questioning, I had a dream. I was in my living room and the phone was ringing. I answered and heard loud static. Through the static I could faintly hear my father’s voice telling me he was coming for coffee. I hung up the phone and bolted into the kitchen to put the coffee on. As I was busy adding the coffee to the coffee machine I suddenly heard a soft chuckling behind me. I turned to look, and there was my father, standing in my kitchen. I can still recall the tears welling up in my eyes and the gasp that escaped me. He stood there smiling, looking at me. All I wanted to do was run over to him and throw my arms around him but on deeper levels I knew this wasn’t what I should do. Even though I recognized my father standing so gloriously in my kitchen, I remember thinking I had never seen him so happy! 

Then a different sound caused my attention to turn back to the coffee machine. I saw I had not put the carafe under the filter so coffee was dripping and pooling all over the counter. Immediately I became anxious and started wiping up the mess. Behind me I heard my father say, “Do not ever let the little things bother you.” I turned to him, expecting for him to say more and when he didn’t I turned back to resume cleaning up the mess. To my surprise, there was no coffee spilled on the counter, and the carafe was neatly under the filter and resting in place filled to the brim. I spun around and said, “You can do things like that now?” In response, once again, he simply chuckled.

We sat at the dining room table in front of the glass balcony doors. I had poured the coffee and had scooted my chair over to be as close to him as I could possibly get without touching him. He looked at me so lovingly and I heard myself say, “Dad…where are you…where did you go?” He turned his face to the glass patio doors and his face brightened and his eyes shined when he said, “There is nothing but rolling green hills as far as the eye can see…and a sky so blue there is no actual word for the colour of blue it is…” As he spoke, I found myself standing on a hill in the bright sunlight. Long grass was waving an interesting pattern from the breeze. The blue colour of the sky actually defied my logical senses. I stood for a moment, turned to my father and instead of seeing him, I awoke. I was in a total state of euphoria. I knew where he was and I never questioned it again.

What If My Dream Visitation Is Not Pleasant?

These are not visitations in the truest sense. In these cases, spirit allows itself to be your mirror. If you are worried about your loved one in spirit they will often present themselves in a less than happy state. They do this to show you that it is YOU and not THEM that are suffering from your perception. They love you so much that they want to help you heal the belief you have. Spirit does not suffer, hold grudges, or judge. They love you unconditionally and want only the best for you. This is one way it can help you heal.

Here is an example:

For years after my mother’s death I would have dreams of her being ill or needing help. We did not have an ideal relationship while she was here in physical form which may have contributed to the nature of the recurring dreams I was having about her. The dreams tormented me. I wondered where she was and what I could do to help her. It took a few years to finally figure out that it was me that was worried to the point of making myself ill and anxious. She was my mirror in those dreams and reflected back all my beliefs about her and her alleged condition. Once I came to terms that it was simply my perception of the dreams, they changed. Spirit really does work in mysterious ways!

What Do Spirits In Dream Visitations Want?

The answer to this is really unlimited. They most want you to know they are absolutely fine. More than fine. They are happy, whole and healthy. They are transformed. They feel your vibration of concern and simply want to help relieve you of it. For your information, if you feel there is ever a sense of urgency with Spirit or that they have an important message to convey it is usually ego. Spirit has no urgency over anything at any time.

Dream visitations are definitely possible. Not only possible, but probable. If you have been waiting for a sign from your loved one please do not dismiss your dreams of them. It is the easiest way to insert themselves into your reality.

Sweet dreams!

Check out my dream interpretation workshops to find out what your dreams are all about, it is always an exciting evening!

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