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October 18, 2021

The nature of Energy

Fortunately, Energy is all there is.  End of.

Whatever your issue, whatever your questions, whomever you are missing in Spirit – everything is conducted via Energy.

There is nowhere that Energy is not.  Often people try and trick me when I make this assertion and say, “There is no Energy in a vacuum!”.  My response is, “The vacuum IS the Energy.”

Everything, everywhere, all the time is the same Energy no matter how it presents itself.  I have said it time and time again that you and I are the same Energy, the rocks, stars, birds, trees, pavement – EVERYTHING – is the same Energy.

Therefore, your desires, your answers and the messages from Spirit are all the same Energy.

Why is this?

You have more than likely heard of ‘The Illusion”.  It is the illusion that has us believing that everything appears separate and different (including you and I).  We aren’t separate on a base level. We are here learning through the veil of the illusion of who we truly are, the power we hold, and to understand the great mystery of ‘we are one with All There Is’. 

Energy During Readings

Energy during readings is no different than anything else.  It just ‘is’ and holds the vibrational pattern of loved ones who have made their transition back to non-physical.  It is the vibrational patterns that are felt during the course of a session that compel messages to be said in a certain way.  In fact, Spirit will use all of our five senses to convey messages. 

Why Spirits Do Not Come Through During a Reading

First and foremost, the most typical reason why Spirits do not come through is because it knows the time is not perfect for them to insert themselves into your reality.  This may not be pleasing to people.  In fact, it can really cause them some anxiety especially when their grief is so strong  they want nothing more than relief.  Unfortunately, the angst some people feel can be so deep and so vast that it can actually hamper the efforts being made with connecting, which is the second most typical reason.  

Remember, the medium is relying on ripples in the vibrational pattern.  They know how to separate your pattern from the ripple pattern of Spirit, however, it does not bode well for anyone concerned to be frustrated or upset at their not showing up when you expect them too.

The third and last reason I will mention is when there is such high expectation of what ‘should’ be mentioned by Spirit during the course of a session.  Often people are wanting to hear that certain phrase or a certain word that will allow them to believe they are liaising with their loved one.  When there is so much emphasis put on this aspect to the point where all messages are dismissed if they don’t align with their own expectation then Spirit tends to not engage. 

Spirit is there to empower, to give evidence of still loving those left behind and giving evidence of still being an active participant in your life.  They aren’t there to dance to your expectation.  Spirit knows the difference between your wants and needs and will deliver ‘needs’ every time. 

When You Get In Your Own Way

It is a good idea to be as calm as possible during a session.  Yes, grief can overcome us from time to time and that is totally understandable. However, grieving does not give anyone license to make demands of Spirit.  Again, Spirit knows what is needed and if it is possible, i.e. that it is the perfect time for you to receive a message then they always cooperate.  Often our grief is raw, our mind is foggy and our outlook can be dim. If the grief is too pronounced it can definitely ride roughshod over the entire process.  Remember, it is an Energy process. This can be exasperating and frustrating for all concerned.  

Kindly check your expectations at the door. Expectations actually lower the Energy (vibrational frequency) so really they have no place in the process. They can and do limit the opportunities for what you most want to happen.  If you want the best experience it is vital that the messages be the evidence you seek instead of trying to direct the river by insisting on hearing only what you believe you should hear.


Often it is this kind of article that is the hardest to digest for a lot of people.  However, difficult conversations are the most important ones.  If you truly want the experience of a lifetime then enter into the process as calmly as possible with absolutely no expectations as to whom you hear from or the messages they offer.  Spirit knows and should always drive the bus in every session.  I trust that!

Mediumship is one of my passions. I know how it works, when it works, that it works and most importantly I know when to stop a session. I may not understand why I am stopping other than it is not flowing as I know it can and should. There are always reasons as to why it happens.  I may not know those reasons.  But I certainly am committed to trusting my intuition and that makes all the difference. If the energy is not conducive for a connection and/or there is no energetic alignment then a reading will not happen.  It’s that simple. Everything is Energy.

It can be a joy – or a disappointment.  Make sure you enter any session with joyful anticipation instead of expectation.  There is a difference!

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