Psychic Mediumship
Energy and the Afterlife

Where did my loved one go?

As a Medium people often want to know where their loved ones went.  It is a challenge at times to understand how a physical body can be here one moment and gone the next.  Where did they go?  Where are they now? What are they doing? 

The good news, direct from Spirit, is they have not left.  They have not gone anywhere. They are right beside you and will remain there always.  

The nature of Energy

How is that possible?  Energy.  Everything is energy.  The moon, rocks, stars, trees, birds, even the chair you are sitting on.  You and I are Energy.  To take it one step further, we are all the same Energy.  There is absolutely no place that Energy is not.  The moment we turn our focus to our loved ones no longer in physical, their Energy is right there. Always.  Eternally.

In my latest book, Everyday Wisdom, the Council of 12 offered this explanation:

Afterlife:   Life is eternal.  It never ends.  It merely transforms frequency.  The Energy that you are, that your loved ones ‘were’ still exists and surrounds you, loving you. Remember, there is nowhere that Energy is not.  It always ‘just is’.  There is no place it goes to.  It is ever-present, ever-loving and ever-living.~  excerpt from Everyday Wisdom, by Ara Parisien

We. Do. Not. Die.

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