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September 8, 2021

As many of you know, I do not entertain ‘predictions’. I truly believe that the future is forged from every thought and feeling in the present moment. It cannot be any other way. There is no external source choosing for you. Your choice, which is your free will, is the most powerful commodity you possess.

Having said that, it seems that the energy of the collective consciousness is deeply entrenched in the negative. So, what will unfold in the future? – negativity. It is more than negativity. It is fear.

Take a look at what you have been focused on. Now take a look at ‘why’ you are focused in that way. Next, ask how you feel being focused on that topic. No one is forcing you to choose to remain focused there. You have merely chosen it. Is fear paralyzing you? Are you basing your choices from your own personal point of fear and desperation? Those choices are mediocre at best.

Human Perspective

From the human perspective, the Energy Forecast is bumpy at best starting in September 2021. It will really start rocking into September and feels that it will blow wide open into October. It is time to hold on tight as the status quo will surely tip and sway. If you have forgotten your power you will definitely have a wild ride. Societal paradigms are drawing to a close and they tend not to go easily or quietly. That’s all. It is just time for the new.

High Level View

For those who know who they are, who understand their innate power, it is simply ‘the next big adventure’. We know there is nothing more powerful than who we are, we understand the power we hold, the precision of directing it, especially when we function from our own personal point of empowerment. A new foundation is being birthed that will serve humanity, not rape it. It is why we are here. It is why we are ALL here. The ones who remember are not ‘the chosen’ ones – we are merely the ones deliberately choosing at this time. Exciting times!

More Than Human

Fortunately, we are more than human. We are vast, powerful and magnificent beings who have temporarily forgotten who we are. Fear perpetuates that forgetfulness. It allows us to experience a feeling of being disconnected from all things – especially from our power. Not only are we powerful individuals if functioning from our own personal point of power we are monumentally powerful as a collective. We simply need to trust ourselves, remember at our core that we are equipped with absolutely everything we need and, we remember how to use it. You’ve/we’ve got this!

Energy Forecast For The Ones Who Remember

Expect the thrill of your lifetime. The exhilaration of an energetic acceleration as we speed into a new vibration and a new way of being. It will be as smooth and as effortless as we believe it will be. We hold the power. We have the choice.


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