Feeling Blah?
November 2, 2021

So many people have reached out to me this past month wondering how they can find relief from the ‘blah’ feeling they have. There have been many factors over the past two years (almost) that have contributed to this deflation of emotion, inspiration and passion. It has taken a toll on so many. Let’s take a look at what we can do!

Remember What Is At Play

The following is going to be a little sensitive for some. I would apologize in advance but typically I am not known for apologizing for expressing my truth.

For the past almost two years every time you turned on the tv or radio you have been bombarded with fearful messages. Be very afraid. The world is out of control. We have been conditioned to fear each other in all ways necessary that is in no way conducive to healthy emotional living. Don’t breathe on one another and for goodness sake don’t hug one another if you are able to see each other at all. Fear. It is the common denominator!

What We Can Do

Turn off your tv for starters. If you feel compelled to stay in its hypnotic gaze then start paying attention to what you are not being told. The news and media conferences are always emphasizing the number of cases of illness and the number of deaths. Again, be afraid. What they are not telling you is what can be done to empower you through natural methods. What they are not telling you is how many people have recovered. What they are not telling you is the percentage of herd immunity that is being realized. What they are not telling you is that this monster in which you are conditioned to fear is 97.999% recoverable. Turn off all media. Your life depends on it.

By all means, if it makes you feel better, wear a mask. No need to ridicule and demand of others. You do you. Absolutely, if you are more comfortable practicing social distancing then do so. I am not suggesting for a moment that anyone should deviate from their comfort zone. All I am suggesting, ALL I am suggesting is that there is still plenty of life to live and we should all get on with living it the best way we can.

There is still plenty of fresh air and sunshine (on good days!) for you to enjoy. Get out there and walk, breathe deep with the knowledge that what you are doing is feeding your very body, mind and soul. I am unsure when fresh air and sunshine was a detriment to maintaining health but here we are! We crave Vitamin D and the best form of that is good old sunshine. Soak it up whenever you can. It is not only good for the body it is good for your mind and your emotional spirit. There are ever so many reasons to be happy. Dwell on those kinds of statistics! There are ways to make your eyes smile even when you are wearing a mask. Be that person that sparkles in spite of what is going on. It gives others permission to do the same.

Live Your Life

Live. Your. Life. It is why you are here. You are not here to survive life. You are not here to conform to what others prefer either. We all have the same power to uplift over perceived limitations. Fear is the only detractor. Fear is the only thing that paralyzes you. Fear robs you of your very breath. 

So breathe. Breathe deep. And choose to live. There are countless ways you can still LIVE a remarkable life in the midst of upheaval and uncertainty. 

Existing is not an option.

I AM here to help you transform your life into the life you had until now only dared to dream. I have developed a unique and powerful tool to assist you in starting the road to your wishes, hopes and dreams.


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