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January 6, 2022


Gratitude can be a silent, inwardly expansive feeling. Or there can be an unrestrained, exuberant shout that erupts from the heart and into voice. Today is my time to express the latter.

I AM truly grateful. Grateful beyond words. Grateful beyond emotion. I AM literally bursting at the seams from this groundswell of utter appreciation.

As most of you know, I do not display my personal life on any social media platforms. However, there comes a time when not doing so seems inappropriate. In remaining silent I would not be able to showcase the extraordinary people in my life. Without them…well…I shudder to think!

The Catalyst And The Perfection

On Dec 21st i took a nasty fall in a grocery store that resulted in breaking my arm in 2 places, wrecked my knee and my head/face still bears the colour extravaganza of the incident. Even though it was a frightful thing to experience, I marvel at the perfection of the Universe. I rarely shop at that particular store and as I laid in a shocked puddle on the floor, 2 off duty nurses and an off duty doctor attended to me until the ambulance arrived. (I just wish I had the wherewithal to get their names so I could thank them properly!) The store is beside the main hospital. What were the odds!

Love And Support

My family rose to the occasion. My person, Mary, collected me from the ER and endured a painfully loud trip to my home. I swear I cried out at every bump the entire way. By the time I arrived home my daughter had already cancelled Christmas dinner and shifted into her Plan B. She had hot soup waiting for me which I so needed and appreciated. Her and Justin were resilient and patient as we all learned the depth and breadth of what I could and could not do. They kept vigil all through the night as I was in too much pain to sleep. That vigil continues in varying degrees as my mobility continues to improve. There are still things I cannot do for myself, at least for another 4-6 months. Bailey, my granddaughter, tends to my hair without complaint and is there for me whenever I need her. It is knowing I am surrounded by such unconditional love and support that gives me the opportunity to heal and improve day by day. Mary took me to my ortho appointment just yesterday and didnt leave my side the entire time. She was as thrilled as I was to know my arm did not require surgery or a cast. Priceless.

Life Calls Us To Our Greatness

It is always the people closest to you that are your family. The ones that we may take for granted from time to time. In sharing my experience, I am wanting them to know how important they are. I have also been reflecting on how we are all part of a formidable equation in life. How we all become greater than we thought we could be when one part feels less than they truly are. It is proof there is a balance in all things. So perfect!

This experience has profoundly changed me in the best way possible. I have always been fiercely independent and now have been quite humbled. It’s all part of the perfection that consistently unfolds in each moment even though we do not like the look of it at first glance. We just need to claim it.


Physical recovery may take awhile. However, emotionally I have expanded and am joyful in the fullness of love and gratitude. I am grateful for each and every one of you!

To all my clients that have had their sessions rescheduled because of this current life lesson of mine, I truly appreciate your patience and flexibility.

I have a feeling this explosion of gratitude may manifest into another sale on my services to celebrate my appreciation. Stay tuned!

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