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March 15, 2022

Is it true?

What is your deepest desire? 

Do you think it is possible to achieve?

Do you believe your life can change in thrilling and magical ways?

The answer is yes!

The Imagination

Part of the journey of transformation utilizes a tool that we were born with. The imagination.

It seems our imagination was conditioned into dormancy at a very young age. We were told day-dreaming was a waste of time. That dreaming of something you desire isn’t enough. One must toil and struggle in order to achieve anything meaningful in life and even then we must prepare ourselves for the moment we fail to get it.

This is so far removed from the truth it is almost heartbreaking! It is also tremendously disempowering.

Our imagination is a powerful tool. It is the place we can go to time and time again to ‘live’ our desired experience before it becomes reality. Read that again. This is precisely how the imagination should be used to guarantee the results you prefer. Does it sound too easy? It should! Because it is.

In order for our desires to be realized we must already be living the vibration and the emotion of the desire. We generate those two all-important factors in the imagination. In order to experience the desire in your reality there must be a vibration offered to the Universe that it can match.

We seem to believe this to be an irrational act. It isn’t. It is the most natural thing for us to do. We were born with this powerful mechanism specifically to help us manifest our heart’s desire. 

What We Need To Do

What we now need to do is to use it, trust it and believe it. It would bode well for us to unlearn the conditioning, seed a new and more productive paradigm that will serve us. We need to be less serious and play more. 

Play more? Isn’t that being irresponsible? No! We have been conditioned to pay far too much attention to the minutiae of details in our life. We get buried so deep in them we forget who we are. We forget the power we hold. We forget clarity and solutions are always present. We forget we have the wherewithal to rise above the petty details to feel and know the magnificence of the Source energy we are.

How Is This Possible?

When we imagine ourselves to be in a different place, a different time, having a joyful and effortless experience we are actually exercising the imagination. We begin to live the experience we prefer complete with all the sights, smells, sounds, touch, and emotions. When we are in that glorious place, we are preparing to receive this future opportunity into our life. That is how powerful we are. The imagination is the launching pad where we invite whatever we are focused on into our reality.

Conversely, if we are conjuring worst case scenarios in our mind we are actually inviting those into our reality as well. The choice, as always, is yours.

Imagination Is A Form of ‘Asking’

Ask and it is always given. No matter what it is. No matter how much you like or dislike a scenario. It will always, always manifest according to your focused imagination. 

So ask yourself what you are imagining, thinking, feeling and focusing on most. Is it all the ‘what ifs’ going on in your life? Is it everything that is lacking in your life? Is it everything that seems to be going wrong in your life? If it is, then you have first hand evidence via the results you are living right at this moment. 

Why not use your imagination to escape the lack and ‘what ifs’ and ‘what is’ in your life. Grant yourself a reprieve from everything that has been worrying you. Go to that place where you are free. Live there. Feel it all. Love it all. Do it often and you will absolutely be experiencing it in one of your tomorrows.

Imagine that!

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