It might come as a surprise to many that the ability of mediumship is neither mystical nor magical. Some claim it is a ‘gift’ that only a certain few possess. I tend to think of it as an ability–an ability that offers the gift of healing to all those who accept it. Mediumship gives evidence that there is no death—just transformation. Love never dies.

Mediums have a responsibility to be the clearest conduit they can be. This means they are, or should be, committed to dealing with their own inner baggage on a consistent basis. Otherwise, the information they receive is influenced by their own vibrational disharmony. This is not beneficial to anyone. While the desire to be of service can be great one should deeply understand what they are actually giving.

Information may come to a medium in many ways. Not one medium works the same way nor offers identical information as another. This is because we, as everyone else, are all cleverly disguised as individuals on this plane of existence and therefore function at different vibratory rates. Because we are all the same energy, but vibrating differently, we are going to access and interpret things according to our own vibration which is largely predicated on our belief structure. There is nothing mystical about the energy we all are simply because it is all the same.

Psychics and mediums are sensitive to the fluctuations of the energy that we all are. We notice the subtle shifts and in rapid-fire are able to interpret the energy and offer the message. A medium, psychic or empath should have keen awareness of their own vibration so they are able to differentiate between what is their vibration and a vibration that is not their own. Anyone who cannot tell the difference needs to engage in more Self work.

Mediumship may seem like a gift to many people. I view it as an ability that has been honed, honoured and attended to in every moment. It is a life path and is vastly more than ‘just talking to dead people.’

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  1. Would like to set up a Skype appt for medium services.

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