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Pollyanna or Power?
September 26, 2021

Time and time again I have heard that positive thinking is not realistic. It’s all too sugar and spice. Very Pollyanna.

What I know is this. If my reality is not to my liking I am able, through my innate power, to create one I do like. Nothing Pollyanna about that. That is power!

Can you be positive all the time? 

Perhaps people believe that one cannot possibly be positive ‘all’ the time. To this, I agree. However, there is nothing stopping one from attempting to be. After all, we live on a plane of duality so we will always have hot/cold, slow/fast etc. We live in a world of opposites. Just because the negatives exist does it mean we absolutely have to pay attention to them? No.

If you consider that your thoughts create then it would bode well for us to pay attention and offer only the thoughts we would love TO create.

Focusing on the Negatives

When one focuses on the negative or pushes against what they see or hear it only serves to expand the negative energy and bring more of the negative into your experiences. Think about that. We have all had days that started out badly and got worse. We stress out on the bad things that happen and it causes more. It stands to reason that the opposite is also true.

It’s Science

E=Mc2. It’s energy. It’s energy in motion. Small amounts of mass (your experiences in your reality) are equivalent to huge amounts of energy expended. When we consider how long and how intensely we focus on the negatives in our lives we can begin to see what it DOES create.

E=MC2 also works the same to the positive. It’s not Pollyanna. It’s science.

We can see how a positive attitude can be more beneficial for this reason – and countless other reasons too! How do we switch from the negative to the positive?

Law of Polarity

Enter the Universal Law of Polarity which states, “Everything in this dual plane of existence has an equal opposite.” Hot/Cold. Fast/Slow, etc. 

Consider holding a stick. It has 2 ends. One end represents the negative value and the opposite end, the positive. As human beings, who by the way, deem themselves to be intelligent, focus on a negative event they are typically caught up with identifying the catalyst of the event and rarely the event itself. They twist and sputter about the rightness and fairness and such. When they do so it simply expands what they are pushing against. They rarely notice the opposite end of the stick which represents the gift the event has caused into being. Not only that, they fail to notice all the emotional values between the negative and positives that lay between either end of the stick. 

Choose the Positive

In choosing the positive end, we may not immediately jump to it in one try as the vibrational frequencies do not align. However, they can at least try and land comfortably somewhere in the middle of the stick. Even the middle feels vastly different than the negatives they are immersing themselves in. Even if you only jump a third of the way you will still feel better and be able to gain some clarity on the situation that remained elusive when at the negative end. 

Striving to maintain a positive balance in any given situation is not Pollyanna. It is more about unleashing your power. You have the power in you to create the reality you prefer. No one is fated to live through a challenge as it appears at first glance. They have the wherewithal to see it in a better light, a better frequency which caters to maintaining a higher frequency which inevitably leads to a faster solution and a more positive result. Who ‘doesn’t’ want that?

You are Power

Remember the stick. Remember your choices. Remember who you are. You are not Pollyanna. You are power!

I AM here to help you transform your life into the life you had until now only dared to dream. I have developed a unique and powerful tool to assist you in starting the road to your wishes, hopes and dreams.


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