Psychic Awareness

Intuition and Psychic Awareness

Good news!  We are all intuitive!  This is because we all have an Inner Being or Higher Self helping us out.  We are also energy so we all have a vibration coursing through our being that is interpreted either with our awareness or without it.

Yes, we are all intuitive.  We all have an innate knowing.  Whether it be getting a ‘feel’ for a specific person or whether to turn right or left at an intersection, it is our intuitiveness at play.  Usually, the intuitive messages seemingly come out of nowhere.  We wonder what made us think a specific thought or have a specific feeling just at the right precise moment.  This happens without our deliberate awareness of even trying.  This is the definition of ‘intuitiveness.’ Where is the line between being intuitive and being psychic?  It is all in the awareness. Using the aforementioned example, one could be driving their car and have a strong hunch to turn right instead of left.  They were not asking for the information, guidance or direction.  It simply came.  It is the Inner Being or Higher Self that is speaking and you just happened to hear it.

A psychic deliberately seeks out the information.  Being psychic is having a deep understanding and respect for who one truly is.  That understanding includes knowing the nature of energy, having an abiding rapport with their Inner Being/Higher Self, and most importantly, the ability to trust the messages as given – without doubt, without question.  It also includes the ability to pay attention to shifts in vibration when the Inner Being communicates without a question being asked.  It’s about Being.  It’s about allowing.  Most of all, it is about trusting.  All of this is done on a deliberate and aware level.

So how does one slip past the gray line of intuition and become psychic?  By learning and then living in total awareness of who they truly are.  By learning the language of their intuition by acting on the hunches or answers when they come. It becomes a daily way of life in that it is something you always listen for, ask about and always trust.  That is why it is called psychic ‘awareness.’

It is this way because of our truest potential on a soul level. All that is asked of us is that we know who we are, trust who we are and above all, love who we are.  With that, all things come–even the ability to be psychic.

3 thoughts on “Psychic Awareness

  1. Hi Ara
    Very very nice what you have done. I see you put yourself into it and it shows. Keep tellling the truth as you do and all is yours to have and hold

    with much love and gratitude for your being here

  2. Ara…the last paragraph says it all! I like the way you think. I agree with Anthony…keep shining lady!

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