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Remembering Christmas
December 16, 2021

Christmas Memories & Magic

We all have fond memories of Christmas’ past. We hold them dear and yet only seem to unharness them, dust them off and enjoy them once a year. We seem to overlook the joy, the delight and the magic they hold. Here are a few of my childhood Christmas memories where my belief in magic was deeply seeded. 

As a little girl, I remember being convinced I saw reindeer tracks in the snow. As much as my father tried to explain to me they were dog tracks, in my heart, I knew they were made by reindeer. I was a child. To me everything was magical, especially around Christmas.

I remember stealthily creeping down stairs in the wee hours of the morning. My brother, in the lead, his tiny flashlight illuminating one stair at a time. Once in the living room he would manage to turn on the tree lights. We would always be awestruck at what we saw.

One particular Christmas morning, we weren’t so quiet. We had stopped on the stairs and he would let the feeble light do what it could so we might see the living room. My heart just about stopped when the light faintly landed on the red rocking chair. There, brilliant in the dim light, was a bride doll. Its white bejewelled dress spread out on scarlet, danced a dazzling display of my little girl’s wish fulfilled. I was so excited, I bolted, or rather tried to bolt down the stairs and ended up tumbling down the remainder of steps. The noise roused my parents who ran to the staircase in time to see me sitting in the red rocker, clutching my dream come true. Magic. Pure, innocent, unadulterated, magic.

The Magic Lives On

As an adult, I have always strived to maintain the element of magic all around me. For some reason, probably a soul reason, it was never quite conditioned out of my tender, young being.

Magic abounds everyday, everywhere in each and every day – even as adults. We have simply forgotten.

If you are reading this post, perhaps it will trigger a memory from your childhood and help you remember the magic that you are.

Living Your Magic

What is it that you want? It’s time to get clear. We tend to colour our desires with ‘probabilities’ and ‘practicalities’ which only serves to dilute the desire. We are really wonderful at diluting when it comes right down to it. It seems we work diligently to dilute the desire until it no longer is a thought we return to.

If we must get practical, do it in a specific way! Think of your desire and really feel it. Is it a new job opportunity? A raise in pay? A new place to live? Make it real in your mind. Allow yourself to feel the fierce innocence and joy as you did as a child regarding that desire. Now feel how it would feel to wake up Christmas morning to find that desire under the tree. Amazing, right?

It’s time to let your magic out to play. In doing so, you resurrect that childlike joy that makes anything possible.

Revere the desire as much as the having of it. Enjoy the thoughts regarding it to the point it feels like you have it. It is in this way that all things come. ‘Good luck’ is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity. Prepare yourself for the receiving of it and at the first perfect opportunity it arrives in your reality.

Magic as children is the same magic we engage in adulthood. 

Become once again as little children. It is that level of unabashed joy that delivers the magic, until now, we have only wished for.

Magic is real. It’s alive – and it is in every fibre of your being. Master it. Unleash it. It really is the best way to live!

Have a magical Christmas everyone!

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