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Are you considering booking a service/reading with me? My work is multi-faceted and I can promise you a true adventure as we explore the wonder of who you are, together.

60 Minute session


60 minute sessions

+ Relationships
+ career/business
+ Chakra blocks
+ Upcoming opportunities
+ well-being/health
(please note I am not a doctor and do not diagnose)
+ Offer evidential messages from Spirit
+ Offer the tools to change your life to something more effortless & joyful

90 Minute Session


90 minute sessions
+ Relationships
+ career/business
+ Chakra blocks
+ Upcoming opportunities
+ well-being/health
(please note I am not a doctor and do not diagnose)
+ Offer evidential messages from Spirit
+ Offer the tools to change your life to something more effortless & joyful

Mediumship Session


group sessions
+ Perfect for families who are grieving OR family/friends who are eager to hear from their loved ones in Spirit
+ Receive evidential messages of love, encouragement and inspiration which ultimately reveals the understanding that our loved ones did not die

I AM Looking forward to working with you!

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Psychic Guidance

This is one part of the work that never ceases to amaze me. Through the cooperation of my Higher Self and Spirit Guides, I am able to see how you arrived at this moment in time from your first breath this lifetime. I will see, energetically, the twists and turns, hills and valleys that you have travelled. It helps me to understand where you are vibrationally in your life and then, once I project that energy in the direction it seems to be going, future upcoming opportunities may be presented in a way that allows you to prepare. Of course you are never obligated to pounce on any of these opportunities but it is empowering to know what is coming.

The chakra system plays an important part when I am exploring your energy. It will show me the blocks so I can offer the tools to start transmuting the energy into something more positive. In this way we work together in a proactive way to ensure you are experiencing more well-being in your life.

Clarity is also something clients seek from a session. Being privileged enough to be in your energy allows me to identify issues and help lift the fog of confusion.

Empowerment is the base theme of my work. Once someone is empowered, their life begins to change!


This is probably one of the most requested aspects of the work I do. I must say it is altogether rewarding for myself as well!

Linking people with their loved ones who have transformed back into non-physical seems to be larger than life itself. It is a profound healing tool that assists those in the grieving process to understand we do not die, we are eternal beings and departed loved ones are still very much a part of your life. 

To understand our loved ones still thrive, still love us and are perfectly joyful in their continuing adventure is comforting and brings relief to many. Through evidential messaging I often bring through names, dates, memories etc that link directly to the person I am reading or at least someone they know.

Spirit will give evidence of knowing what is presently going on in your life. 

Mediumship is definitely a powerful tool to acquire knowledge, have questions answered, to begin to understand we do not die and finally, that we are loved even though our loved one is in Spirit. It is a powerful process and one that I am very fortunate to use as Spirit sees fit.

In summation, this, along with coaching and the I AM Journey, is how I can be of service to others. The best part of it for me is that it is my passion. It is what makes my soul sing. It is my greatest desire to help your soul sing too.

Let’s start this amazing journey…together.

Coming Soon!

I AM Intensive – Weekend Retreat

This weekend I AM Intensive journey/retreat in a beautiful rural setting will place you on the perfect foundation to focus clearly without distraction.

An intimate group of six people will participate in meditation, classes, nature walks and 1:1 sessions all geared to assist in bringing what you want in your reality – faster.

Sign up for updates on this I AM Intensive package and we will keep you posted as things develop and unfold – perfectly.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are important tools on your journey.  This webinar will give you the meaning of many dream symbols and a fresh perspective on how to interpret your dreams.  Every dream is a window into what is vibrating beneath your conscious awareness in waking state. 

Understanding the Chakra System

Given you are energy, the chakra system plays a large part in your life.  Understand the nature of the chakra system; how it houses energy from past experiences that may not be of benefit;  how to clear/transmute non-beneficial energy,  and most importantly, to sustain and maintain the the chakra system to ensure clarity and good health in your daily life.

Universal Laws

This webinar will cover the Universal Laws that govern the energy that you are.  They are important tools and understanding what they are and what they do can be instrumental in assisting you on your path.

All webinars are included in the I AM Journey. Designed to allow community to come together to share experiences in conjunction with seven journals so you can learn the tools to manifest a more joyful life.


Messages of love from my clients