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Unleash the Power Within

Why I am here

Empowerment is the core of my work.
It is important each person I engage with is inspired, encouraged and empowered into the life they actually came here to live.

Each aspect of my work is geared to provide and enhance clarity in life, begin or continue your healing path of grief and empower you to unleash the power within, which is the innate transformational power that is you.

How it Works

When I tap into your energy, several things occur:

~ I am able to see how your life has unfolded from your first breath until the moment of our meeting

~ I am able to connect with loved ones who have made their transition back to non-physical energy and offer their messages of love and encouragement. Proof that much more is going on in life than what our five senses tell us.

~ I am able to gauge from looking at your chakra system how you may best release the energy that is not of benefit to you anymore. I offer the tools to help you walk into the life you came here to live.

60 Minute Reading


Receive guidance and clarity on life issues, and receive messages from Spirit.

90 Minute Reading


Ready for more?
This is my most popular service.

life coaching


Time to transform your life? Let’s talk about the Energy YOU are and how to unleash the power within. 2+ hours with more if needed.

Other Services


I AM Focus Journal of Transformation


This journal serves as a powerful assistant in the transformation of your life.

“I AM” are the first two words of creation.

Whatever you say after the words I AM the Universe moves to bring into your reality. Are you happy with the results in your life? This will tell you whether you are creating appropriately for yourself.

You are more powerful than any challenge that rises to meet you. Learn the tools required to change your world.

Group Readings


With a minimum of six people per group, this is an entertaining evening with friends and spirit.

In-person or via Zoom, each participant is guaranteed to receive either a message from Spirit and/or life guidance.



I’m highly experienced with missing persons cases, both on-site and remotely. Includes working with the family and police.

I do not charge for this service as I believe it is our duty to ensure every person is brought home.

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