ara parisien

International Medium & Spiritual Teacher & Author


If you are interested in booking any of the following services or if you have any questions regarding these services send an email by clicking on the Readings link. Either my staff or I will respond asap.

If you would like me to visit your area to offer readings, workshops or seminars please click on the Speaking Engagements, Interview Requests & Workshops/Mediumship Demonstrations tab. My staff are more than happy to coordinate a visit.

Individual Sessions
Duration: 90 min – 2 hrs (Full session) $250
– Life path guidance (relationships, employment, finances, proactive approach to health, family)
– Messages from Spirit
Via: In person, telephone, Facebook Messenger video

Partial Sessions
15 min sessions – phone/Facebook Messenger video only $45 (does not include mediumship)
30 min sessions – phone/Facebook Messenger video $90
45 min sessions – phone/Facebook Messenger video $135
60 min sessions – phone/Facebook Messenger video or in-person $180

Group Sessions   $75 per person
Minimum – 6 people per group
– Messages from Spirit and may include life guidance
Via: In person only  (each participant is guaranteed to receive either a message from Spirit or life guidance)

Life Coaching

Personal life transformation coaching per month (3 hrs per week for 4 weeks) – $750 Great value!! 12 hrs @ only $60 per hour!!


For clients who prefer ongoing care and guidance as they navigate turbulent waters I am offering retainers in lieu of full sessions.  No waiting for an opening in my schedule.  You will receive care and guidance exactly when you need it the most!

$200 per month – includes 2 30 min sessions

$300 per month – includes 3 30 min sessions

$400 per month – includes 4 30 min sessions


Create The Life You Want Course  $350

Duration:  2 hours

Includes:  Understanding of Universal Laws, tools to establish clarity, learn the mechanics of the Universe and know how it works, that it works and most important of all WHY it works.

Change your life.  Change your reality.  Begin living as whom you came here to be.  Unfold JOY instead of all things least desired.

Ask me about group discount rates!

Dream Interpretation Workshop   $40 per person
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours
– Instruction on interpreting your dreams
– Generic dream symbols and their meaning
– Learn dream incubation
– Learn to lucid dream
Via: In person, telephone, Facebook Messenger video

Chakra Workshop   $350 per person
Duration – 2 hours in person OR Facebook Messenger video
– Learn the importance and relevance of your energy system
– Learn how your energy system works
– Learn how to clear your energy system and keep it balanced
– Learn how your energy system impacts your physical body
– Learn how your emotions and thoughts trigger your energy system either positively or negatively
Via: In person, Facebook Messenger video

Energy Clearing for Homes and Businesses
Duration and Fee: predicated on circumstances
– Initial meeting/phone call and reading
– In-person attendance and/or vibrational visit
– Clearing and uplifting vibration of premises
– Monitoring and supporting/empowering the occupants of cleared premises

Missing Persons Cases        No cost
Duration: ongoing
– Initial meeting/reading
– Ongoing support for family
– Field work when necessary

How to Pay (Please ensure you have a confirmed appointment before paying)
Click Buy Now, enter the amount for the session desired in the Donation area, and follow the PayPal instructions to complete your transaction.

Payment will appear on your credit card statement as Ara Parisien Consulting Services.

FOR CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY:  Email-transfer.  Simple instructions will be given regarding payment at the time of confirmation of your booking.




5 thoughts on “Services

  1. Ara I will be in Victoria for a few days in May and wanted to know if it would be possible to get a Individual Session with you, as I am not sure how far in the future you are booked until.

  2. Hi Ara ; i would like to book an in person reading with you on a Saturday or Sunday; what is your next availability?

  3. Hi Anna! I would love to book an in person session with you. Instead of having everything discussed in the full view of others please email me at and I will definitely set something up for you. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

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