A sure-fire way to shift your inner conversations
July 20, 2021

There is never an external source to our negative emotions. No person, place, thing nor circumstance. It is a direct reflection of our own inner conversations. 

Believe it or not, and I hope you believe it, we merely notice or become aware of actions, behaviour or tone of voice in others. If it makes us feel horrible it is because the frequency of it is not in alignment with what we believe about ourselves.

Instead of rising above (speaking vibrationally) because you have an inner knowing of who you are and what you prefer, we begin to have inner conversations with that person over and over in our minds. Conversations like, “Well! The next time they say this or that I will let them have it,” and then proceed to play out a conversation demonstrating just what they would say and what the other person’s response would be. Sound familiar? We all have times when we get stuck there. And I do mean stuck…for days!

How do we shift it? We begin to start imagining what we would prefer to hear, see and feel from that person. Play that visual in your mind complete with conversation. Yes, it really is that simple. When we place our focus on what we prefer it is always responded to in kind. There isn’t one word we can think or say that will not turn up as a fact in one of our tomorrows. We are that powerful.What inner conversations are you having? Give it a shot and change them. You will be surprised!

I AM here to help you transform your life into the life you had until now only dared to dream. I have developed a unique and powerful tool to assist you in starting the road to your wishes, hopes and dreams.


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