Speaking Engagements, Interview Requests & Workshops/Mediumship Demonstrations

Ara Parisien brings a wealth of information to the podium.  One might think that as a medium her wisdom will be isolated to grief and mediumship.  Ara is also an author, “Threshold of Transformation – A Channeled Spiritual Guide,” and “The Other Side of Grief” are two of her offerings with a few more underway.  Through her outstanding channeling with the Council of 12, she sheds new light on who we are, where we are going and what we are able to do.  Her abilities and professional service spanning over 30 years allows her to offer insight, encouragement, empowerment and inspiration delivered compassionately and always with a little humour.

If you are wanting a speaker conversant with Universal Laws;  the power of who we are;  the creation process;  shifting life from challenge to joy;  the nature of birth, death and everything in between together with delivering a layman’s understanding of the mechanics of the Universe as they apply in our everyday lives then consider Ara for your next event.

Ara also makes herself available for radio and television interviews to discuss a wide variety of topics and is amenable to doing on-air readings.  Ara also will travel to do speaking events, workshops or mediumship demonstrations.

Contact events@c4dpromotions.com to enquire as to availability.

Media Kit:

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