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I’m excited to welcome you to my program! As with all memberships on my site, there are no additional fees and include great value.

The I AM Journey is a full-package offering to augment your extensive knowledge and help transmute that knowledge to wisdom and move your life from where you were to where you have always meant to be.

It allows you to transform your life completely so you live joyfully, powerfully, deliberately and with ease and flow. You manifest a new way of being in all aspects – health, abundance, relationships, communications and more.

Here is what you get:

  • Access to I AM Journals (Transformation, Abundance, Communication, Relationship and Health) ($1600 value)
  • Live check-ins once a week with other I AM’ers to share stories and gain insight
  • Free 30-minute coaching once a month with Ara to discuss blocks and gain insight, if needed ($600 value)
  • Access to Transformation Tuesday’s, a live event via Zoom to discuss popular topics ($100 value)
  • Monthly classrooms on Dream Interpretation, The Chakra System, Universal Laws as well as The Mechanics of Manifestation all geared to fully educate and equip you to unleash the power of who you are. ($500 value). 

Once you complete the registration form, you’ll have access to the I AM Journal of Transformation and you can start today! You’ll get a welcome email from Ara and your first check-in will be within one week.

Ara and the ‘A’ Team welcome you to this wonderful journey to living the life you have only dreamed of.