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Love Each Other

ara love each other 2

It was just two short years ago after my daughter and I watched the news I said to her that the US was gearing up for even more chaos.  I predicted race wars after the newscasts had started subtly introducing ‘racism’ and playing the ‘race card’ each day.  Two years later, here we are.  It is the typical “problem, reaction, solution” being played out before our very eyes.  The masses have been hypnotically conditioned and gently eased into hatred once again.  It plays upon the anger, righteousness and hatred that already exists within each of us and expands it, controls it, and amplifies it until we all cry out for the solution that will make us ‘safe’.  There is absolutely nothing that anyone can offer or do that ever affords the alleged security and safety we demand.  It all comes from ourselves. What is being witnessed  is a direct reflection of our zealousness to prove one another wrong, showcase the shortcomings/differences and beat our fists on others to be heard and agreed with.  Terrorism begins at home.  Your home.  My home.  Our homes.  It begins with anger, animosity and aggravation towards anything that we perceive not to be in alignment with ourselves.  Children are not ‘haters’ by nature.  They are taught and conditioned by their parents, grandparents, ancestral teachings and the media.  It is ludicrous to me that skin colour is even an issue.  Considering each and every one of us is scientifically empty space we need to be more cognizant of what we are fighting for or against!  And speaking of fighting against—whatever you push against, say ‘no’ to, and rally vociferously about when it comes to what you don’t want only makes more of it.  And it is that premise that is played upon and encouraged.  The moment anger and hatred rear their heads we are able to see just what is within ourselves that needs attention and healing. It isn’t just ONE person that is the cause.  It is the many who prey upon, rely on and toy with the facets of ourselves that have yet to be healed.  Those in the know, ‘know’.  It is about all of us.  Clean up your own inner backyard.  It would be a marvelous world if we all did just that. And Love one other—not just when it is easy to do so because you deem someone worthy of it.  Love one another–no matter what.~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author


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ara loved ones in spirit

Mediumship is a tool that can assist you on your life journey.  It is one of many tools.  Grief, a powerful catalyst, is actually the acknowledgment of a greater part of yourself rising to the surface for your attention.  From the moment a diagnosis was made, or tragic news was delivered, you expanded energetically into more than you ever thought you could be.  Mediumship offers the evidence of life-after-life, that we do not die and love is still reciprocated between the veil.  This helps you to heal and step into the you that you came here to be.  Factor in the wisdom of the Council of 12 as channeled by Ara and you have a powerful force in assisting you to pick up the pieces, see through new eyes, feel with a new heart and take your life by the horns and direct it in a way that is more appropriate for you.  You are not alone on your journey or in your pain. There is always a way to uplift into the life you came here to live. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

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ara bliss

Joseph Campbell once asked as all to “Follow your bliss”.

There was a time when I thought I understood what he was saying.

Then there was the day I absolutely lived what he was saying.

Bliss is something unmistakable. It fills you up inside and exudes an unfathomable power.

Most people believe that bliss is attainable only when one has garnered their heart’s desires. Or, if people around you behave in a way that is appropriate for your own comfort and in alignment with your own beliefs. As the Council of 12 has often said, “You all live it backwards.”

Bliss is a state of being. A state of being that bubbles up from the eternity you have always been and touches everything in you, around you, by you and for you. Bliss changes you in the blink of an eye.

Bliss is a state by which unconditional love flows purely, pristinely and powerfully. There are no conditions that enter into its flow. Suddenly, you love everything your five sense can discern. The trees, the flowers, the cars, the air, your life, yourself, everyone you know and even those you do not.

Bliss. If you think you know what it is then you have not experienced it as of yet. Once you have you will never find a need within you to be ‘right’, to be ‘better’ or to make demands of others. You will spontaneously feel with a new heart, perceive with new eyes and engage in a new way—a reverent way just because you are in sheer awe of the magnificence.

Bliss. It is unconditional love of All There Is. When you have tasted bliss you will want to feel nothing else but more of it. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

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Live Your Passion

ara prince

When I am moved by something I tend to write.  When I struggle for answers, I write.  When I am joyful, I write.  Today, I write to bring some balance to my heart and mind.  Some things do not immediately feel ‘right’ to me and it is spilling it all onto paper in a heap of jumbled words, thoughts, and ideas I can begin the process of sifting through what is in me with the ever-prodding hope that equilibrium will be restored.

The dust has not yet settled yet.  My heart is still heavy and my mind still too shocked to understand.

Prince is no longer with us.

Before you roll your eyes this is not about celebrity-worship.  This is more about life, the meaning thereof as well as the footprint we all leave behind because we were even here, breathing.

Every morning I arose and never gave a thought to what Prince was doing, what he would do next or anything of the like.  In fact, Prince was not even a major factor in my life.  I enjoyed his passion, admired his tenacity and most importantly adored the expression of his truth.  He was undoubtedly authentic.  As authentic as his music which was an extension of his very soul.

So why then do I feel so emotional? I have watched his videos and listened to his music for days since April 21st in an effort to soothe myself.  I know there is something for me to understand in all of this but first the processing must take precedence.

I believe it has helped me remember, rather glaringly, the importance of each and every person breathing on this planet at this time and the power we all wield.  We are bumping around on this plane of existence seemingly more focused upon who is doing what-or not, who is saying what-or not, who is believing what-or not to the point where we are agonizing over everyone’s choices but our own.

We all have the eternal gift of Free Will and can choose anything at any time.  Why are we so bent on pointing fingers at those who are not choosing the same as we are?  It seems to me that if this formidable blue marble were a garden wouldn’t we want to have diversity in floral sights and scents and foliage?  Wouldn’t we embrace the different hues and fragrances?  Why do we not offer the same dignity to each other?

Prince did just that.  In spades.  He fell in love with his uniqueness and honoured it by expressing it through his choices, through his music, through his spirituality, and through his humanitarianism, through his entire life.  He was authentic.  Through and through.  Did it appeal to everyone?  No.  Why should it?  We all have the Free Will to prefer differently and make choices based on those preferences.  Because he was so ‘in our faces’ with his authenticity some people found the need to label him—‘weirdo’, ‘fag’, ‘insane’ simply because he was different than whatever this society has conditioned us to believe is ‘normal’.

I have read some comments on Facebook that we should not be glorifying a celebrity when others have lived more meaningful lives and have received barely a glance from any of us.  Prince ‘lived’.  He was an example of the dizzying Love that can be shared if we just give our passion, which is the fuel of the soul, full rein.  Each note, each beat of the drum, each twirl on the stage was a gift.  It was all a demonstration of how a soul can be moved.  And he moved millions with his.  To everything there is a season and yes, I agree there are those who have lived magnanimously and left barely a ripple in the acknowledgement of last breath.  That does not mean they did not impact anyone in a positive way.

For some, the bigger and zanier the demonstration of unconditional love of self-uniqueness, passion and the tenacity of living your dream perhaps leaves a bigger the footprint. Not intentionally.  It is a by-product of how much of themselves they shared and to what intensity. For me it is an eternal gift to help me remember who we all are and what is possible.  We all do that for each other no matter what the ascribed scale.

If you ever thought that who you are or what you do does not matter, think again.  It isn’t for us to know completely the impact we may have on others.  Just know that without your breath, without the unfolding of your life, without your thoughts, ideas and preferences, without your uniqueness, without your passion there are others who would not be who they are.  Don’t we owe it to ourselves and each other to offer the best possible impact we can?  I think so.

Like so many before Prince – Michael, Whitney, David, Robin – I want to offer my sincerest thanks and a reciprocation of unconditional love.  For without you our reminders may be a little dimmer than what we would like.  It matters not the choices that were made, the lifestyles that were lived.  What matters most is the impact, the sharing, and the ability to actually become the music and the passion for us all to see displayed in its fullest glory.

There will never be a day when the music dies simply because we have all been forever changed by something vastly larger and more lasting.  Dare to be different, fall in love with your uniqueness and never say no to your passion or your dreams.  You may not have the opportunity to express your passion on stage in front of millions but there will be enough people impacted by your authenticity that still makes it all so worthwhile.  You never know how large your footprint will be. We have such a short time here on this plane of existence.  Let’s make the most of it and be the reminder that we all need – that passion fuels the soul, the soul experiences the unconditional love and all who are witness to it are ignited to once again feel the greatness that has always been within them.

You matter, your dreams matter, and your passion matters.

Let it out.  Let it lead.

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There is a reason…

Ara article

Ever since I can remember I have seen, conversed with and felt Spirit.  It has always been and will continue to be entirely normal.

When I was young I tried to make it all stop as the adults around me were made very uncomfortable whenever I told them of whom I had been speaking with and then offered them the facts that I absolutely could not have known about their dear loved ones who had passed on.  Stopping It didn’t work for me.  In fact, it only made everything worse.  I vividly recall sitting on the edge of my bed shaking my tiny fist in the air and vowing that I would always promise to pay attention to Spirit if things just returned to the ease and flow I was accustomed to before I tried to stifle it all.  It worked.

To this day I honour that agreement.  Each time I sit with a client and witness the relief and release of pent up emotion from questions that have gone unanswered for far too long I understand the reason I do what I do. When I share the joy of listening to their long withheld declarations of love spoken aloud with a new-found certainty that they are heard I realize there is a reason I do what I do.

Last night I held an event, a mediumship demonstration, where Spirit moved through the room and delivered messages of healing, love, joy and unconditional love.  Spirit also offered up the evidence that our loved ones live on and are still very much a part of our lives. During the event Spirit, as always, treated me to so much unconditional love that it filled me to overflowing.  In this morning’s reflection of the event I recall the intensity of it and wondered how I could continue to work within that euphoria.  I understood there is a reason I feel it and a reason I can continue delivering the messages.

This morning I was told that one person I read in the audience last night was a complete and utter skeptic when she walked into the venue but had left knowing her father is still with her via the evidence offered to her.  I know without doubt there is a reason she came last night and an even more important reason her father visited with her and delivered the messages he did.

Yes, there is a reason I do what I do.  Being a conduit of Spirit allows its unconditional love to flow through me to everyone around me.  It is not ‘me’ delivering messages of hope, healing, love and inspiration, it is Spirit. I do what I do to afford the healing the messages hold for anyone wishing to accept it.  I do what I do because the most important message to receive is the reminder that unconditional love is who we are and we are loved in every moment.  I do what I do because Spirit loves to give evidence they live on which is life-changing to those still in physical form.  I do what I do because I get to feel it all from both sides of the fence simultaneously.

There is a reason and the reason for all of us is wonder, joy, empowerment, inspiration and love.

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Create The Life You Want


Create The Life You Want

Ara has room for 4 students for her 3 hour class in transforming your life! Registration is open from March 29, 2016 to April 4, 2016.  Start date can be negotiated.

Classes are one-on-one via skype for those not located in Victoria BC or in person if local.

Are you experiencing too much debt? Issues at your job—or would you prefer a different job? Life is more of an endurance test than it is joyful?  Wanting to make changes in your life but don’t know where to start?  Perhaps you want to refine what you already know and experience more deliberate creation. This course is for you!  Believe it or not you are all experts in the creation/manifestation process already.  Now you can learn to do it deliberately and realize the results you truly want in life.

Cost:  $300 for a 3 hour in person course or via online webinar course (can be in increments of 90 min)

Registration:  email

Includes:  15 minutes of free coaching per student on creation/manifestation issues ONLY for the duration of 2 weeks post-course


  • An open and eager mind
  • Ready to commit to change
  • Uninterrupted time
  • Writing journal for note taking and exercises, pens
  • $300 payable in advance via e-transfer or PayPal (refunds declined 24 hrs prior to course)
  • As with all courses you will only get out of this course what you put into it by way of your commitment and dedication to doing homework. If you follow the course and apply everything you learn your life will begin to transform IMMEDIATELY.  This is not to say that all will be perfect and as you prefer but you will be well on your way to your ideal life.
  • The techniques taught in this course will assist each participant to: understand the mechanics of the creation process; garner clarity on what they want; focus appropriately; raise and maintain vibrational frequency; manifest results; transform life as you know it.
  • This is a life changing course so all homework assigned is actually homework for the rest of your life. Once you realize the power of who you are, what you are capable of and how the Universe responds immediately to you it is clear you will use the techniques over and over again thus creating the reality you prefer and put an end to manifesting that which you least want.

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“The Other Side of Grief” by Ara Parisien

The Other Side of Grief

The Other Side Of Grief offers hope and inspiration within the context of the grieving process. Medium Ara Parisien shares selected transcripts from thousands of readings she has conducted over twenty-five years. These transcripts not only showcase how Spirit encourages us to live joyfully – in spite of what we feel we have lost – but also serves to illuminate the pathway to discovering the eternal gifts our loved ones leave behind.