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There is always more to know….

mist and waves

Wow…I am back from an absolutely fantastic walk on the beach. There is nothing like the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair to restore faith and clarity! As I sat for a time I noticed there was a thick mist blanketing the usually vibrant shoreline off in the distance. As I watched for a few minutes it began to lighten and I began to see the scenery behind it. The waves demanded my attention as they relentlessly crashed forward, then pulled back, revealing shoals that were previously unseen. I marveled at the power and force of it all. Suddenly, the Council was speaking with me acknowledging that as I have now witnessed what ‘lays beneath’ here on this beach and over behind the mist in the distance, so have I seen the depths of another. “There is always more to see and more to know. Be grateful for the tides of time for they will always reveal what initially had been obscured. Love all—in spite of the expression that rises out of their depths.”

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Messages from Spirit

Just for today….be mindful of what your five senses are bringing to your attention. Spirit will inspire you to turn your head at just the right moment in order to see something that will remind you of someone who has passed. There will be scents that drift into your awareness, there will be songs you will hear. Spirit will use your five senses to remind you that your loved ones are not gone. They are still with you, still part of your life and most importantly still loving you.



Dreams are not mystical nor are they the by-product of something you ate before you went to bed. Dreams are a very powerful and profound tool that help us understand what we are holding within. Dreams also give us a totally safe environment in order to ‘live’ certain dynamics as well as allow us to see the results of them. All this is done without consequence, not like it is in our awake world.

What happens when we dream? Firstly, the vibration that you hold is the indicator of what needs to be addressed in dream state. When we fall asleep, our waking, conscious mind is closed and our sub-conscious is wide open. I like to say the sub-conscious mind holds the filing cabinet of everything we have ever experienced with our five senses in waking state. The sub-conscious mind, according to our vibration rifles through the filing cabinet and tosses specific symbols from the files into our dream state. These symbols are geared to helping us learn and understand what is going on in us on much deeper levels. A dream is born.

The dream, if remembered, and interpreted appropriately, will shed an immense amount of light on what we are currently experiencing or consistently holding within our vibrational field. Often what we are holding onto isn’t of benefit so generally most dreams will help point you in the right direction as to what requires your healing and loving attention.

If you are a person that never seems to remember your dreams you are really missing out! It is possible to program your mind to start remembering. The process is powerful and I can attest to the fact that many of my clients who expressed difficulty in this regard noticed a marked improvement within days. The process is simply this. As you lay comfortably in your bed, eyes closed, repeat in your mind “I want to remember my dreams,” over and over again until you fall asleep. That’s it! Do this every night and you will notice that you begin to wake up with snippets of dreams and shortly thereafter will be remembering them just as well as anyone else.

For those of you who already have total recall upon awakening a dream journal is a must! Keep a daily journal of your dreams as, over time, you will begin to see a common thread woven throughout them. If you are unsure of the interpretation on a daily basis, this common thread will go a long way in pointing the way for you.

Dream interpretation is easily done once you have access to the generic dream symbols and their meanings. There are dream dictionaries on the market for your use but I would caution that most may contain ‘doom and gloom’ type explanations for rather innocuous symbols. Be careful to which dream book you refer. If one doesn’t feel good to you keep trying. Do not buy into the fear.

Remember that a dream dictionary is simply a tool that does not supersede the emotional value of the dreamer during the dream. You are the best interpreter of your dream. A dream dictionary will simply give you a frame of reference with which to work.

If you have a dream that confounds you please let me know. Perhaps I can offer a few points that will help you interpret it!

Dreams! They are as wonderful and as fascinating as the dreamer.