ara parisien

International Medium & Spiritual Teacher & Author

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Know Self

ara when-you-know-yourself-you-are-empowered-when-you-accept-yourself-you-are-invincible-quote-1

I am ever so grateful to know Self! I have no need to prove who I am to others. I have no need to point fingers and cry foul in my indignation and justification in how others view me. Remember who you are. Love who you are. Let others’ perspectives of you melt away. BE your Self. You are beauty, magnificence, power and love in exquisite motion. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher


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Just for today…remind yourself how wonderful you are; how beautiful you are; how magnificent you are; how powerful you are. Act accordingly, walk purposefully, hold your head high. There is absolutely no one like you. Let your unique Self shine!