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You are more than human!

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“I am only human.”  “Life gets in the way.”  These are just some of the things I hear in my line of work.  So many people are willing to turn to their humanness to excuse them from the results they do not like in their life.  We all have the power to focus ourselves in such a way so as to create the results we prefer.  It is nothing that needs to be conjured, prayed for or wished for.  It is already present in each moment. Your focus, which is your power, WORKS!!  How are you using your power? Still focusing on what you don’t like and don’t want?  Perhaps it is time to change.  You can do it.  You are more than human. You are a magnificent and powerful being.  Live like it! ~ Ara Parisien


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Transformation is a breath away

become Just for today remind yourself that change is the vehicle of transformation. If your life is not the way you prefer–change is the vehicle whereby life transforms. Choices are the trigger of change. Choices are but a heartbeat away which means transformation ultimately is but a breath away. Why not begin your process now. There is nothing grander than living and unfolding life as the beautiful being you were always meant to become.

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Birth And Death


The Council of 12 has taught me that we have everything backwards–especially when it comes to birth and alleged death. Birth is actually the death and the moving away from of our ‘knowing’. Death is the birth and the moving towards our remembering. Both should be celebrated. Birth because it serves to expand Source through us and alleged Death because we implode into our true state of being and knowing. Yes. I do believe we have it backwards.

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Emotional Pain

emotional pain

There are moments that burst forth in a day where pain is so prevalent all around. It is compartmentalized in that there is my pain, your pain and everyone else’s pain. No matter what the cause or who it is it can serve to debilitate and fracture at the very core of Being.

I ask myself in moments like this as to why I must feel a depth of despair, the agony of anguish or penultimate pain. The answer, while wise, does little to soothe a heart in the throes of such upheaval. Nor is it readily understood by many.

The answer is, “Because it is there to serve you.” How can pain serve anyone? It can, if you understand that the only way pain can be felt and expressed is if it is in you to begin with. When another says or does something that causes us emotional pain they are never the culprit. They are merely touching wounds that are already existing within us. Because we may be unaware we feel put upon when emotional pain strikes. It is lovingly being shown to us so that we may tend to it and heal it. It was never meant to be crippling or paralyzing.

Emotional pain. It is a window to our enlightenment. It is not a cage nor a trap. It can be the precursor to our very freedom if we acknowledge it, feel it, walk through it and transmute it. Facing the fear of it and the feeling of it is where we find our authentic power. Can you imagine how the world would change if we all did this instead of blaming others as to why we hurt?