Spirit Messages

When asking for signs from your loved one in Spirit always remember what you will receive from them will be subtle.  Not because they want to keep you searching and longing.  They will always use the path of least resistance to bring you the evidence you are asking for.  By Universal Law of Attraction you […]

Spirit Moves

Recently I sat with two clients who were in such despair over the loss of their precious son. It was apparent the father did not want to participate and he actually told me he was only attending because of his wife. He sat back in the chair, crossed his arms and stared at the table. […]

Who You Are

Just for today…remind yourself that you are more than you think you are! All else pales in comparison.

Birth And Death

The Council of 12 has taught me that we have everything backwards–especially when it comes to birth and alleged death. Birth is actually the death and the moving away from of our ‘knowing’. Death is the birth and the moving towards our remembering. Both should be celebrated. Birth because it serves to expand Source through […]


Just for today….remind yourself that miracles are not something you beg for, plead for or petition for. You are the miracle. You are a miracle in motion. Every moment offers the opportunity for miracles to burst joyfully into your awareness. How? By your belief. Why? Because it is who you are. When? Why not now.


Fate…what is it—and do you believe in it? Let’s hear from you!