Just for today…know that whatever your challenges are right now…all is well. In this moment release the fear and breathe. The Universe always has your back.


Just for today…remind yourself that fear of the challenges you are facing is greater than the challenge itself. Take a step back from the challenges and you will soothe the fear. Solutions will magically appear.


Just for today…listen. Stop talking about your issues, your problems, your health and your challenges. Focus more on listening than on being heard. In your silence intuition and inspiration arise. It is through your intuition that guidance is offered. It is through inspiration that answers and actions are determined. It is always speaking to you. […]

Power of perception

Just for today…remind yourself that challenges and obstacles are part of the natural flow of energy. They represent the opposite end of the spectrum of opportunities and gifts. Opportunities and gifts are empowering and wanted while challenges and obstacles are merely perceptions predicated on how powerless you believe yourself to be within them. Once you […]

Responsibility of Psychics

As a professional psychic medium the responsibility of this work has always been crystal clear to me. It has also made me one of the least favourite teachers of this work. Before I or anyone else for that matter gets carried away by their first ‘hits’ during their initial kick at the can there is […]