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ara yes2

Just for today….shift your perspective.  Instead of holding back because you think you “don’t have enough”, “don’t have what you want”, and consistently say ‘no’  to experiences coming your way because you feel you “don’t have the means”—say YES!!  Say YES to being open to new opportunities; say YES to abundance; say YES to  (fill in the blank).  When you say YES you leave the door wide open for the Universe to begin bringing all that you seek.  Why is it this way? Because you already ARE everything you are seeking.  You already HAVE it on an energetic level.  Saying YES allows it to start filling the perceived void in your life in a real and tangible way.  Don’t keep your doors locked by virtue of the fear you have in the ‘not having’.  Say YES and throw the doors and windows open.  When you feel the difference when you say YES you will see that your vibration has risen and often that is all it takes to realize significant change in your life.  Are you with me on this?  Say YES!!


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Transformation is a breath away

become Just for today remind yourself that change is the vehicle of transformation. If your life is not the way you prefer–change is the vehicle whereby life transforms. Choices are the trigger of change. Choices are but a heartbeat away which means transformation ultimately is but a breath away. Why not begin your process now. There is nothing grander than living and unfolding life as the beautiful being you were always meant to become.

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Just for today…focus your energy on the way you would like things to be. Placing your focus on what you don’t like or want exacerbates what you don’t like or want. You already know what you least prefer because your focus has manifested it all around you. Make the change. Start giving your attention to how you wish things to be. There’s no better time…than now.

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Power of perception


Just for today…remind yourself that challenges and obstacles are part of the natural flow of energy. They represent the opposite end of the spectrum of opportunities and gifts. Opportunities and gifts are empowering and wanted while challenges and obstacles are merely perceptions predicated on how powerless you believe yourself to be within them. Once you begin to accept challenges, knowing it is your perception of them that causes discomfort, you can begin to search in the direction of its opposite. Opportunities, gifts, challenges and obstacles are all part of you and your vibrational response. Once you claim the responsibility of your perception you will find yourself on the precipice of change. Go gently with yourself as you experience this grand adventure. All things are possible. Especially change.