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Trust the Path

bridge in mist

The time is hereā€¦and now. It always has been. Know your heart. Feel the passion rising within. Trust it. Nothing ever requires a giant leap of faith. Just keep inspiring Self forward and with each step you take in passion a plank will appear underfoot to support your walk. All you need do is move forward in trust, act only when inspired, and enjoy the magic as it unfolds in you, around you and for you. Bridges to your desires are always built in this way. There is no leaping off cliffs, no wings are required. There is only trust, passion and bridges to carry you. ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Wisdom from The Council of 12

clouds The Council of 12 are speaking with me today. While I may not always appreciate what they tell me I know with certainty that they always have my back.

“You are powerful. Magnificently powerful. You are powerful enough to rise above the human qualities of negative self talk and the attachments to ideals that prove to be nothing more than your perception of an ideal. Release the tattered remnants to the wind and love the fact that opportunity has presented a choice for your greater good. We ask not for you to like the choice. We ask only that you love yourself more than the choice. For there is your ultimate release to freedom.” ~ The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien