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Just for today….when you feel angst, annoyance or anger….remind yourself that it is your trigger to start looking for joy.  It is your Higher Self letting you know you are focused in a way that is not of benefit.  Joy is not something one finds or is awarded.  It is a choice.  Only you can choose joy.  No one’s actions or inactions will bring it about for you.  It’s all you.  It has always been this way and will continue to be so…eternally.  You hold the choice, you are the means and you are the way.  Choose your way into joy.  Accept nothing less.  You deserve it.

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I have been pondering the concept of respect.  I hear time and time again how one will respect another only if the respect is reciprocated.  On a personal level when words are uttered such as I understand unconditional love is not present.

We seem to be so consumed by the way people respond or react to us.  We forget that we are all ‘life unfolding’ at all times.  Each of us finding our way and experiencing trials and triumphs as we go. Each of us has the free will to think, believe and choose whatever we want. We are not here to all agree.  What one person has come here to grow and evolve through cannot be known nor understood.  Honour the journey they are on as when you do you honour your own.  Remember we are all a reflection of one another. What we notice in one we carry ourselves. It is in this way we are reminded of the inner healing that requires our attention.  It is all a perfect gift if we choose to see it that way.

Honour life in all forms no matter what the expression.  Refuse to judge.  Refuse to defend.  Just notice, be aware, choose what you wish to engage with or simply move along. Always, in love.

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Wisdom from The Council of 12

clouds The Council of 12 are speaking with me today. While I may not always appreciate what they tell me I know with certainty that they always have my back.

“You are powerful. Magnificently powerful. You are powerful enough to rise above the human qualities of negative self talk and the attachments to ideals that prove to be nothing more than your perception of an ideal. Release the tattered remnants to the wind and love the fact that opportunity has presented a choice for your greater good. We ask not for you to like the choice. We ask only that you love yourself more than the choice. For there is your ultimate release to freedom.” ~ The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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If I had a dime for every time someone said to me, “You have not suffered like I have suffered,” I would be a very rich woman–monetarily at least. Life is not a competition of who has suffered the most. Life is about understanding that your pain can only be heard and felt by you and therefore only healed by you. We can empathize and sympathize with each other but the actual work can only be done by you. On a personal level, I grew tired of seeking permission at every turn to stay exactly where I was and be validated by others that my pain was real, unjust and ever so sad. I wanted to know who I was without the pain.

Living and Being spiritual became my chosen way of life. With that choice comes optimism, hope and joy. Have I suffered? Yes. Do I know what pain is? Yes. My optimism, my hope, and my joy are a by-product of being exhausted by the sorrow I have experienced. Like a cork that is deliberately held down below the surface of the water and suddenly released, I popped back to the surface and realized that I no longer wanted to be the cork. It is a choice.

My optimism, my hope and my joy are all shared–not just with idle words but with real feeling– with the hope that a reminder of who you truly are shines through the murkiness of your troubles–like it did mine. It is not a lecture. It is a simple reminder. If you are offended by any of it you may want to consider it is merely a reflection of where and who you are temporarily in the moment, as after all, we are all mirrors for each other. There is no right way to be and no wrong way to be. We are all finding our BEST way to be.

For those of you who prefer to lash out at the mere glimmer of optimism and hope and especially joy, then I suggest you turn the proverbial flashlight off instead of finding fault with it and snuggle into the darkness that you push against and struggle within. At the most perfect time the light will shine once again and you just might make a different choice. Until then know that all is well. Your journey is unfolding even in your resistance of it. Know you are loved—eternally loved—no matter what choices are made. It’s all so perfect.