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For months I have been on a steep learning curve with the Council of 12.  Their wisdom, guidance and unconditional love never ceases to amaze me.  With each step, each thought and each epiphany I am encouraged forward in a new vibration.  The depths to which they have taken me is life altering. I am eager for more.  In fact, I will always be eager for more.  For inasmuch as I know that energy is eternal and limitless, it has been truly mind blowing to engage in the much deeper aspects of who I am—who we all are.  To know with absolute certainty there is no end to the depths we are able to explore within ourselves is exciting.  There is always more magic to understand, to experience and to live.  The grandest thing of all is that we all have access to this wisdom and guidance.  The stream of higher consciousness is there for everyone.  It is how we are wired.  All we need do is listen.  Your magic awaits!

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Leap of Faith

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I have come across a journal from years and years ago that contains some of the channeling I used to do. I had to laugh out loud at the Council of 12’s message to me at one point in time: “Leap into the unknown—because it feels much better than being pushed”. I absolutely  love the humour of these master teachers!


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Living Backwards

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The Council of 12 has always said we all live backwards.  We grieve the loss of a loved one when they transition when in essence they are retreating back into their full remembering.  We are joyful at the birth of a child when at a soul level that new, shiny being has just entered into their forgetfulness that will be fraught with challenges.  We look externally for love without realizing the only one who can love us as we know we should be loved is ourselves.

According to the Council of 12:  “You are already that which you seek.  You are already that which you wish to remember and know.  You are already that in all ways, at all times, all at once.  You are the universe unfolding deliberately by your every thought, every word, every deed. You always have been.  You always will be.  You have forgotten this.”

Just for today….try reversing your perspectives on all things.  It is there you will find clarity, solutions and your authentic power.  It is one thing to hear different concepts but one needs to try them on to see how they fit.  As the Council of 12 says:  “Anyone can read a book and ‘know’ something.  In order for knowledge to transmute to wisdom it must be acted upon.  It is the experience that breeds wisdom.”

Are you ready to give it a go?  I would love to hear what you reversed and the results!  Please leave your comments.  You never know how much your participation can inspire and uplift others. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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Unconditional Love via The Council of 12


“Dear one, you ask so many questions and we are pleased.  We now have a question for you.  Why do you believe Unconditional Love is easy on your dimension of duality?  Admittedly, it should be as it is who you all are, however, Free Will allows you to focus on Love,  the opposite of Love and everything in between.  You are meant to cultivate your expression of the Love you are.  You are meant to choose in every moment to express that innate Love.  The duality has the capacity to polarize, and it does, yet it doesn’t have to.  On one end of the Unconditional Love spectrum there is the wisdom that all is well and on the opposite end of the spectrum there is tyranny, fear and violence.  The moment one deviates from that sacred place of Unconditional Love within themselves and casts judgments is when one has moved from it.  For example, ‘tolerance’ is a judgment the same as ‘intolerance’; ‘noticing differences’ is a judgment the same as ‘acting against’ those differences.  Each and every one of you prefers everything to be a certain way and you go to great lengths to get others to notice and get on board with you.  There is much self-righteousness going on in everyone else’s garden but your own at times. You do not go into a restaurant, read the menu and then get angry and plot revenge because there are things on the menu you do not like yet you do it with, and ultimately against, each other.  Much time, energy and effort is expended attempting to convert others to act in a way that is appropriate to you.  It would be nice if it worked, but it doesn’t.  We don’t mean to minimize as we understand the depth and expansiveness of the duality in which you reside.  Your task is to choose to Love Unconditionally anyway! Unconditional Love is not something professed when it is easiest to do so when everyone thinks, believes and acts the same and it gives you a freedom to express the Love you are.  You are meant to transcend the duality in which you find yourselves in spite of what you think everyone is, should be or isn’t doing.  Again, your task is to Love anyway.  One cannot express Unconditional Love with one hand and condemn and criticize on the other.  This duality you live within is a playground and is there for you to learn, understand and choose.  What an opportunity! You choose Unconditional Love or you choose something else.  All is allowed.   All is embraced.  All will reap benefits or consequences.  It’s all good if judgment does not get in the way.  Unconditional Love heals, expands, and has the capacity to create paradise. The ‘something else’ perpetuates and expands that which is not Unconditional Love and creates turbulence and unrest at the very least.  The choice is easy.  The choosing may be difficult. But it is what you are meant to do.  We tell you these things to help choosing be less difficult.  Either way, in whatever you choose, you are Loved…Unconditionally.  That is just how it works.  Try it.”~  The Council of 12 via Ara Parisien


You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone

Having been professionally delivering readings for well over 25 years now it is always such a blessing when I am the recipient of a profound experience.  Connecting with Spirit is always profound to me but as I am always focused on someone else it is completely different when it specifically happens to and for me.

As most of you are aware from my earlier blog I recently traveled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to spend time with  my birth mother who is dying.  It wasn’t a trip I wanted to take and I am sure anyone in the same circumstance would feel the same way.

I boarded my flight to Saskatoon which had a stop in Calgary, Alberta.  As the plane taxied the runway I was lost in thought when suddenly I felt a distinct hand on my left shoulder.  It was a comforting gesture as it was sure, strong and gave me the feeling of peace. It was telling me all was well and that I would be okay.  I immediately thought of the Council of 12 and wondered why they were taking such a personal interest in me at that moment.  Whatever the reason, it felt good.

After taking off from Calgary, Alberta enroute to my destination I felt the curious sensation again.  This time a little stronger.  I realized something was ‘up’ but had no idea what.  As with any of my experiences, if they don’t make sense in the moment then I know I am to remember them as clarity comes when I least expect it.

Once in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan my thoughts, heart and focus were totally dedicated to my birth  mother.  Although she is now legally blind she still had enough peripheral vision to be able to catch sight of me now and then and she would say how pleased she was that I was there.  When I first arrived she heard my voice but couldn’t quite connect the dots.  Suddenly the light bulb went on and she cried and flailed her arms trying to reach for me.  It was a moment I will never forget.  It was a moment that instantly healed us on deeper levels.  It was why I had made the trip.  No words of apology, no pronouncements of regret, just love, acknowledgement, smiles, tears and hugs.  I knew and felt our soul agreement being completed.

I returned to Victoria and readied myself for a flight to Seattle where I was to appear and deliver a group session the next day.  Once in Seattle I realized how tired I was but as usual, doing the work that I do, I am always uplifted to a place where I feel better which allows me to actually do the work that I do.  After the session I returned to a friend’s place where I was to stay the night.  Shortly after arriving I began to feel strange.  My body wasn’t cooperating and I couldn’t think straight.  I decided to lay down.  Once I was laying down I realized it made me nauseous so I started to sit back up and then felt a draining sensation overtake every muscle in my body.  I couldn’t even lift my arms or move my legs.  I broke out into a sweat and blessedly collapsed back onto the bed.  I am not sure how long I laid there going in and out of consciousness but eventually my friend came into the room and found me unresponsive.  Another woman who was there successfully managed to get orange juice into me and like magic I began to respond.  Within a minute or two I sat up and could talk.  Having low blood sugar issues all my life I am well versed in the signs of an oncoming blood sugar crash but this one was entirely different.  There was no real warning other than my exhaustion.

I was tucked into bed, orange juice handy at bedside I laid staring up at the ceiling wondering what on earth was going on.  Then, I remembered something that happened to me as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

At one point, I remembered being in the dark. I knew I was laying down but I was also struggling to get up.  As I did so I could see my body but I could see ‘me’ coming out of my body.  I would almost get free and then a strong, decisive pressure would push me back down.  I tried a total of three times and each time I could see the separation occurring but the pressure would always force me back.  It wasn’t unpleasant, it was just a sure, constant push back.  Then I was revived.

I slept soundly that evening and upon rising the next morning I was very pleased to feel my body cooperating with me and my head, although still foggy, had a bit of clarity.  I was standing in the kitchen drinking orange juice when I said to my friend, “Wow, you must have had a time on your hands to try and keep me laying down last night!” She looked at me quizzically and said “Quite the contrary! We couldn’t get you to respond at all.  You never moved!  You scared the stuffing out of all of us!”

Suddenly, I could feel the pressure on my left shoulder once again.  A feeling of peace.  Of knowing. I realized in an instant what had happened.  The Council of 12 was letting me know in no uncertain terms they had my back and it was not time for me to go.  Tears began to prick my eyes but I held them back.  A wave of realization struck me as to how dire my situation was the night before.  I turned away from my friends who were now engaged in a different conversation and I held firmly to the kitchen counter as I gazed out the window to the sky.  I quietly thanked my unseen comrades-in-arms.

Once home I sought medical attention and have had the necessary blood work done to determine whether my low blood sugar issues have now turned a corner and have become diabetes.  Being it is the Easter long weekend I know I am in for a long wait.  It’s okay though.  I am ensuring I eat properly, keep hydrated, and get the rest my body needs.  I will deal with the results as they unfold.

For now, I will remain focused on my dear mother who is still lingering and may claim her freedom at any moment.  I have asked the Council of 12 to be with her.  I know in my heart inasmuch as they ensured I stayed, the same love and power will be at my  mother’s disposal when it is her turn to separate and be free.  There will be no struggle.  There will be no darkness.  There will only be joy and jubilation on both sides of the equation


Walk In Your Truth


“Always walk in your truth. When you do you walk toward your deeper truth. A truth that may shatter the confines of a comfortable path. It is not destroying the path. It is expanding it. It expands with ‘your’ vibrational expansion. The discomfort exists only as long as it takes for you to get used to this new place of being. Resist not. Surrender to the flow of your own expansion. It is your greater good manifesting itself.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Trust the Path

bridge in mist

The time is here…and now. It always has been. Know your heart. Feel the passion rising within. Trust it. Nothing ever requires a giant leap of faith. Just keep inspiring Self forward and with each step you take in passion a plank will appear underfoot to support your walk. All you need do is move forward in trust, act only when inspired, and enjoy the magic as it unfolds in you, around you and for you. Bridges to your desires are always built in this way. There is no leaping off cliffs, no wings are required. There is only trust, passion and bridges to carry you. ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Letting Go

letting go

“You are all here to Let Go. You are all here to Let Go of conditioning; of paradigms that no longer serve who you have become; of people who demonstrate an alignment not like your own; of loving in a way that speaks of possession. You are here to Let Go—not to hang on with a sense of entitlement that dissolves into attachment or ownership. It is okay to Let Go for it is in the letting go that freshness brightens clarity and new paths are discovered. Know these new paths are just as temporary as the ones you are leaving behind. Everything about you changes and evolves because that is why you are here. Expansion! You cannot grow and expand if you insist on holding onto what you believe you had. Allow the magic to work with you. Let go—and fly. Soaring is your natural proclivity–always.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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There is always more to know….

mist and waves

Wow…I am back from an absolutely fantastic walk on the beach. There is nothing like the sound of the waves and the wind in your hair to restore faith and clarity! As I sat for a time I noticed there was a thick mist blanketing the usually vibrant shoreline off in the distance. As I watched for a few minutes it began to lighten and I began to see the scenery behind it. The waves demanded my attention as they relentlessly crashed forward, then pulled back, revealing shoals that were previously unseen. I marveled at the power and force of it all. Suddenly, the Council was speaking with me acknowledging that as I have now witnessed what ‘lays beneath’ here on this beach and over behind the mist in the distance, so have I seen the depths of another. “There is always more to see and more to know. Be grateful for the tides of time for they will always reveal what initially had been obscured. Love all—in spite of the expression that rises out of their depths.”

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Claim your worthiness…from the Council of 12


There is a freedom in understanding and then claiming your worthiness. It opens doors not previously seen, it closes pathways that echo the past, it shines the light on the pure potentiality that you are. Seize the moment, rejoice in the acknowledgement and love the you that you came here to be. It is all for you…by you…and most definitely because of you. ~ Ara Parisien via the Council of 12