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Mothers in Spirit

ara roses Today I honour both my mothers who are in spirit. I am eternally grateful that one gave me life and the other assisted in the unfolding of it. Both women showed tremendous courage in their lives which will live on in me forever. I take comfort in the fact there is no death. There is only love. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher


You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone

Having been professionally delivering readings for well over 25 years now it is always such a blessing when I am the recipient of a profound experience.  Connecting with Spirit is always profound to me but as I am always focused on someone else it is completely different when it specifically happens to and for me.

As most of you are aware from my earlier blog I recently traveled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to spend time with  my birth mother who is dying.  It wasn’t a trip I wanted to take and I am sure anyone in the same circumstance would feel the same way.

I boarded my flight to Saskatoon which had a stop in Calgary, Alberta.  As the plane taxied the runway I was lost in thought when suddenly I felt a distinct hand on my left shoulder.  It was a comforting gesture as it was sure, strong and gave me the feeling of peace. It was telling me all was well and that I would be okay.  I immediately thought of the Council of 12 and wondered why they were taking such a personal interest in me at that moment.  Whatever the reason, it felt good.

After taking off from Calgary, Alberta enroute to my destination I felt the curious sensation again.  This time a little stronger.  I realized something was ‘up’ but had no idea what.  As with any of my experiences, if they don’t make sense in the moment then I know I am to remember them as clarity comes when I least expect it.

Once in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan my thoughts, heart and focus were totally dedicated to my birth  mother.  Although she is now legally blind she still had enough peripheral vision to be able to catch sight of me now and then and she would say how pleased she was that I was there.  When I first arrived she heard my voice but couldn’t quite connect the dots.  Suddenly the light bulb went on and she cried and flailed her arms trying to reach for me.  It was a moment I will never forget.  It was a moment that instantly healed us on deeper levels.  It was why I had made the trip.  No words of apology, no pronouncements of regret, just love, acknowledgement, smiles, tears and hugs.  I knew and felt our soul agreement being completed.

I returned to Victoria and readied myself for a flight to Seattle where I was to appear and deliver a group session the next day.  Once in Seattle I realized how tired I was but as usual, doing the work that I do, I am always uplifted to a place where I feel better which allows me to actually do the work that I do.  After the session I returned to a friend’s place where I was to stay the night.  Shortly after arriving I began to feel strange.  My body wasn’t cooperating and I couldn’t think straight.  I decided to lay down.  Once I was laying down I realized it made me nauseous so I started to sit back up and then felt a draining sensation overtake every muscle in my body.  I couldn’t even lift my arms or move my legs.  I broke out into a sweat and blessedly collapsed back onto the bed.  I am not sure how long I laid there going in and out of consciousness but eventually my friend came into the room and found me unresponsive.  Another woman who was there successfully managed to get orange juice into me and like magic I began to respond.  Within a minute or two I sat up and could talk.  Having low blood sugar issues all my life I am well versed in the signs of an oncoming blood sugar crash but this one was entirely different.  There was no real warning other than my exhaustion.

I was tucked into bed, orange juice handy at bedside I laid staring up at the ceiling wondering what on earth was going on.  Then, I remembered something that happened to me as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

At one point, I remembered being in the dark. I knew I was laying down but I was also struggling to get up.  As I did so I could see my body but I could see ‘me’ coming out of my body.  I would almost get free and then a strong, decisive pressure would push me back down.  I tried a total of three times and each time I could see the separation occurring but the pressure would always force me back.  It wasn’t unpleasant, it was just a sure, constant push back.  Then I was revived.

I slept soundly that evening and upon rising the next morning I was very pleased to feel my body cooperating with me and my head, although still foggy, had a bit of clarity.  I was standing in the kitchen drinking orange juice when I said to my friend, “Wow, you must have had a time on your hands to try and keep me laying down last night!” She looked at me quizzically and said “Quite the contrary! We couldn’t get you to respond at all.  You never moved!  You scared the stuffing out of all of us!”

Suddenly, I could feel the pressure on my left shoulder once again.  A feeling of peace.  Of knowing. I realized in an instant what had happened.  The Council of 12 was letting me know in no uncertain terms they had my back and it was not time for me to go.  Tears began to prick my eyes but I held them back.  A wave of realization struck me as to how dire my situation was the night before.  I turned away from my friends who were now engaged in a different conversation and I held firmly to the kitchen counter as I gazed out the window to the sky.  I quietly thanked my unseen comrades-in-arms.

Once home I sought medical attention and have had the necessary blood work done to determine whether my low blood sugar issues have now turned a corner and have become diabetes.  Being it is the Easter long weekend I know I am in for a long wait.  It’s okay though.  I am ensuring I eat properly, keep hydrated, and get the rest my body needs.  I will deal with the results as they unfold.

For now, I will remain focused on my dear mother who is still lingering and may claim her freedom at any moment.  I have asked the Council of 12 to be with her.  I know in my heart inasmuch as they ensured I stayed, the same love and power will be at my  mother’s disposal when it is her turn to separate and be free.  There will be no struggle.  There will be no darkness.  There will only be joy and jubilation on both sides of the equation

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Birth And Death


The Council of 12 has taught me that we have everything backwards–especially when it comes to birth and alleged death. Birth is actually the death and the moving away from of our ‘knowing’. Death is the birth and the moving towards our remembering. Both should be celebrated. Birth because it serves to expand Source through us and alleged Death because we implode into our true state of being and knowing. Yes. I do believe we have it backwards.


Do we really die?


If we were all of the same level of consciousness, the above answer would suffice. However, we are not all at the same level. This does not lend itself to ‘some are better than others.’ It just means that some have had the learning experience a little more than another. Some are in the throes of coming to terms with death, either their own or with that of a loved one. We are all here learning and growing in all sorts of different ways, through just as many varied experiences, asking just as many different questions. We all have our turn at wondering about death. What it is, the process of it and what to expect.

There is no death. There is no death because energy cannot be destroyed. We are energy. We can only transform because energy can only transform. What do we transform to? We go back to non-physical energy.

Some believe there are exit points of the Soul that allow us to opt out of this reality. I cannot rule this out even though in my experience as a medium I have not encountered any Soul that did this. Even suicides are the result of the Soul knowing when it is done even though those left behind believe the person ‘left’ too soon. The only exit point I am aware of is the final one. It seems to me that Source, in its perfection, would provide many opportunities for us to choose and it is our Free Will that dictates which exit point is seized and acted upon. In any event, whichever one it is, it is, indeed, the final one.

What happens at the point of transformation is generally in alignment with the individual. I have brought through Spirit that very poignantly told me ‘their ship had come in and they boarded without hesitation.’ When this was relayed to the family they wept with joy as their loved one was only happy in life when he was sailing. Generally speaking, loved ones already in non-physical begin to congregate around the loved one well before the transformation process begins. Usually, these unseen energies are conversed with, visited with, and assistance is given in preparation for the magical journey back to non-physical. Whether your loved one ever verbalizes this or not is a personal choice.

At the point where the transformation process begins, non-physical energy rallies around and encourages the person forward. The Soul may linger for days while energy is balanced and understanding has been achieved but when the Soul says it is time to go there is absolutely nothing that can stop it. At that point of the process all bargaining has ceased. The next time you think of your loved one transforming and they stayed longer than anticipated, enough so that all were convinced they had a miracle on their hands but they transformed anyway, remember, the Soul allowed that extra time and when it was done it was done. Be grateful.

The moment the Soul withdraws its attention from the physical plane the body ceases to function. The breath stops. Loved ones weep, medical staff attend to the body. In the non-physical, however, the energy simply slides out of the body (or rises out of the body in some cases) and stands beside themselves. Often there is a moment’s hesitation as the realization hits but it is quickly overshadowed by the feeling of complete elation, lightness, joy and love. Spirit is quick to embrace it’s remembered vantage point of non-physical. There is quite a reunion of Spirit at that time.

Is there a hell? No. The earth plane is fraught with its own tapestry of hell. It has been lived and released.

Is there a heaven? The earth plane is the level of existence where your vibration and desire has the capacity to create a heaven-on-earth.

Where is non-physical? Non-physical is all around you. It is in everything, everywhere at all times. When one transforms their focus is returned to whence it came. Your loved ones, in fact all of us, at the point of transformation, instead of having the physical body to express with, and experience with and love with and breathe with, we return to being the breath of Source once more.

There is no death. There is merely a shifting of focus along with the transformational return to Source itself.