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Embrace And Be Grateful

ara contrast

You know those infuriating emotional twinges you get when things are not congruent with who you are or what you believe?  Embrace it!!  It is your inner being letting you know that you have some positive focus work to do.  It is a trigger. You are hard wired to know when there is something that needs your attention.  To me, this is miraculous to know we are all well-tended on the physical plane.  No more seeking out externally for the reasons/excuses as to why you feel the way you feel.  Even if you are ‘right’ in what you believe, if it doesn’t make you feel good you cannot be ‘right’ enough to make a difference to anyone least of all yourself.  Tend to the miracle that is you.  Embrace those twinges from within and know you are being called to your authentic power.  It will never stop calling you because of the dualistic plane in which we reside.  All you need do is soothe it and you have done your job.  Make peace with it.  It truly is your friend…and a powerful gift. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher