Spiritual Rivalry – Confidence vs. Ego

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What an amazing morning I have had and it is only 6am! I adore the early morning hours as it is a time I can more easily commune with Spirit and seek its counsel and guidance in my life. I was thinking back to the Virtual Vision FM radio show that aired yesterday and my mind swirled with questions regarding a topic that was briefly discussed. I began pondering the prevalence of a ‘spiritual rivalry’ that seems to be expressed more and more by so many people in the field of psychic mediumship in particular. It saddens me that there isn’t more support for one another in this line of work. It is almost as if there is a jockeying for position and stature and in order to build one’s self up. There is a perceived need in some to protect their tiny pocket of the world and slay others in a bid for self-preservation. There is a blacklisting of those who do not think the same or do the work the same. It’s all so ludicrous as we are all individuals and as such will always do the work in individual ways.

Often I think I am too much of an idealist. This fact has been proven to me time and time again. I am thrilled to see others demonstrate their abilities and be of service to others. To me, we should all be thrilled that this work is being embraced and done on so many levels of excellence. Through my own experiences I have become aware and through Spirit’s good guidance I am now more than ever mindful of the nature of energy and how it brings things into reality and how it magically removes that which is no longer in alignment. It is there that the true story can be known.

I suppose no matter what field one engages in there will always be competition or rivalry to some degree. However, when one allegedly walks a spiritual path we should have an understanding that we are here for a reason and that is to be of service to others. Our focus and energy should be primarily on empowerment and upliftment and not so much on the tearing down of others to build one’s self up. I firmly believe we live in an expansive world not a diminishing one. There is room for us all to do what we came here to do. It takes less energy to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of others than it does to worry about what they are doing, saying or not and criticizing them for who they are becoming. We are all ‘becoming’ because we are all evolving.

It’s time for advocacy. It’s a time for loving one another. It’s a time for demonstrating a true spiritual essence. It’s time to celebrate the work and all those who are dedicated to it and all those who seek it. If we don’t all walk our talk we are truly not shining our light as brilliantly as we came here to do.

Having pondered this, obviously at great length, the Council spoke to me:

“Confidence is a quiet knowing that is demonstrated through all thought, word and deed. It is expressed through higher vibrational frequencies such as loving, smiling, laughing, upliftment, empowerment, joy and passion. Confidence is integrity in motion. Confidence is always recognized and needn’t be spoken of or drawn attention to. It has no need to undermine or seek out its own worth. There is nothing Confidence must ‘do’. Confidence is simply a response and that response is spontaneous joy. Ego, by contrast, is boastful, repetitive and validation-seeking all through lower vibrational frequencies. Ego is a protection mechanism that falsely alludes to a perceived fleeting sense of safety and security. Ego has no integrity. Ego is built up and fed by the taking down of everything and everyone in its sphere. Where there is no integrity there is no confidence – only ego.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

May we all live, work and breathe—together—in spontaneous joy.

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Intuition…or not

So often I am asked, “How do I know the difference between my intuition and my ego?” It is really very simple. Intuition has a subtle resonation and is effortless. It often comes through as inspiration which is a lovely feeling. When ego gets in the way the messages become dire or negative and there may be a sense of urgency at play. Who you are at the core, where intuition resides, is a pure positive stream of well being. The ego is in the mind and is consistently whispering to you to watch out or be afraid. Intuition is always a positive. Anything else is stemming from the belief structure where fear resides.