The Bigger Picture


“Nothing is ever as it seems. There is always more going on. Instead of pushing against what you see it may perhaps be more advantageous to remember there is always a bigger picture at play that has nothing to do with what is occurring on the surface. There is always something more important going on than what the eye can see, the mind can understand and the emotions can feel. Much more.” ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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Emotional Pain

emotional pain

There are moments that burst forth in a day where pain is so prevalent all around. It is compartmentalized in that there is my pain, your pain and everyone else’s pain. No matter what the cause or who it is it can serve to debilitate and fracture at the very core of Being.

I ask myself in moments like this as to why I must feel a depth of despair, the agony of anguish or penultimate pain. The answer, while wise, does little to soothe a heart in the throes of such upheaval. Nor is it readily understood by many.

The answer is, “Because it is there to serve you.” How can pain serve anyone? It can, if you understand that the only way pain can be felt and expressed is if it is in you to begin with. When another says or does something that causes us emotional pain they are never the culprit. They are merely touching wounds that are already existing within us. Because we may be unaware we feel put upon when emotional pain strikes. It is lovingly being shown to us so that we may tend to it and heal it. It was never meant to be crippling or paralyzing.

Emotional pain. It is a window to our enlightenment. It is not a cage nor a trap. It can be the precursor to our very freedom if we acknowledge it, feel it, walk through it and transmute it. Facing the fear of it and the feeling of it is where we find our authentic power. Can you imagine how the world would change if we all did this instead of blaming others as to why we hurt?

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In every moment…

In every moment you are emotionally creating the foundation of your next experience. Be sure you make each moment as pure, as positive, as joyful as it possibly can be. A new framework is being created every 17 seconds. Think about the 17 seconds that just passed. Where was your focus? Your thoughts, which cause feelings are powerful. You are creating in every moment whether you are aware of it or not. Be aware. Live deliberately. You are always walking into every experience you have emotionally created.

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Empaths! We have all heard the term. It might surprise you that we are all empathic. Being we are all the same energy how could we not feel the shift in vibrations of another although some may be more sensitive than others. I have often been asked what an empath can do to lessen the impact of another’s energy. It’s really quite simple. Be more mindful of what you are contributing vibrationally than what you might ‘get’ from someone else. It is as simple as a shift. It is more apt, perhaps, to understand what you think the role of ’empath’ entails. Some have told me they are to feel another’s pain so that they might know who is need of healing, of love, of guidance. To this I say we all are in need of this. No one is immune.

To look at this further, like attracts like. It is the Law of Attraction. If you are an ’empath’ believing you are here to identify and acknowledge someone’s pain and suffering then that is what you will attract. It begins with you and the responsibility stays with you. To believe that your day, week or month has not gone well because you were absorbing other people’s stuff and it has affected you in a challenging way is just another way of saying, “It’s someone else’s fault–it has nothing to do with me–it’s just my lot in life.”

It is not the job of the empath to absorb energy and carry it forever and a day. What is the use of this? How does this help? You cannot absorb enough pain and suffering to make another well. I have yet to hear an empath walk into a room and say, “Ohhh I feel someone is very joyful! I want to figure out who it is and be near them!” It’s not like it can’t be done. We have just given the lower vibrational energy more ‘air time’ and because we are all so immersed in our day to day dramas our vibration is usually in the basement anyway! It also means that we believe our intent, and perhaps our purpose is to be the laser beam that ferrets out suffering. But to what end.

We all are the same energy. We all have times we could benefit from a kind word, a gentle hug or words of encouragement. We should be offering all of these things to each other anyway just as a matter of course–because we all deserve it.

If you consider yourself an empath and want to stop absorbing another’s energy then I would suggest that a more intimate and in-depth knowledge of Self would be in order. Other’s might suggest protection–which is another article altogether but I will lightly touch upon it here–and I would say, “Protection from what?” The answer would be ‘protection from the part of you that you do not know.’ Surprising? You will always feel the need for protection when you are dealing with something that feels foreign to you. Which simply is another way of stating that you might not yet be aligned with the wisdom of who you are, what you are and how powerful you are. It also states that you are not in tune with the energy that you are. Energy is everything. Your vibration of the energy that is you is what dictates your experience. Your experience is never predicated on what someone has done, hasn’t done, will do, or their vibration. It’s all you.

Get to know Self. Know the energy that you are. Focus more on what you are contributing energetically and stop worrying about what you are ‘getting.’ When you shift your vibration in this way your experiences shift with it. When you begin to walk into who you truly are you are more apt to make the impact you are seeking to make and will do so in a more powerful and positive way. That is what we should do and be not only for ourselves but for each other.

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Just for today…allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel. No one can feel it for you or the same way as you. Know that you can feel this way as long as you want to. No one is in charge but you. Know also, that the longer you feel it the more apt it is that you invite events into your life that allow you to perpetuate that feeling. Be mindful. You control your emotions. They should not control you.