The Bigger Picture

“Nothing is ever as it seems. There is always more going on. Instead of pushing against what you see it may perhaps be more advantageous to remember there is always a bigger picture at play that has nothing to do with what is occurring on the surface. There is always something more important going on […]


Just for today…remind yourself that your thoughts, coupled with the emotions they generate, actually are the mechanism by which you unfold your life. Life never happens to you. You ARE life. You are in control of your own direction. Live deliberately. Live every moment in conscious awareness of where your thoughts are taking you.

Emotional Pain

There are moments that burst forth in a day where pain is so prevalent all around. It is compartmentalized in that there is my pain, your pain and everyone else’s pain. No matter what the cause or who it is it can serve to debilitate and fracture at the very core of Being. I ask […]

In every moment…

In every moment you are emotionally creating the foundation of your next experience. Be sure you make each moment as pure, as positive, as joyful as it possibly can be. A new framework is being created every 17 seconds. Think about the 17 seconds that just passed. Where was your focus? Your thoughts, which cause […]


Empaths! We have all heard the term. It might surprise you that we are all empathic. Being we are all the same energy how could we not feel the shift in vibrations of another although some may be more sensitive than others. I have often been asked what an empath can do to lessen the […]


Just for today…allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel. No one can feel it for you or the same way as you. Know that you can feel this way as long as you want to. No one is in charge but you. Know also, that the longer you feel it the […]