Gift Certificates – Last Day @ 15% off

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR 15% DISCOUNT!! We are moving toward my most favourite time of the year–Christmas! The shopping has already begun! Are you wanting to give that special someone a gift that is empowering and meaningful? A gift certificate for a 1 hour personal session may be must the thing. Sessions may […]

Love – To The Sender Is Sent

Life is a series of events offering us the opportunities to choose love—without attaching conditions.  It is when we are able to free ourselves of attachments (that we insist are crucial in validating or justifying our being loved in a certain way or loving others we feel we must deem worthy), we begin to see […]


There is nowhere that Energy is not.  This means there is no void and no lack.  You are experiencing that which you have morphed Energy to become by virtue of your focus. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher

The Illusion

How many times have you heard that everything is an illusion?  I have heard it a million times or more.  It called to me to understand and experience it. Separation is the illusion.  We are not separate from anything simply because energy, the base chemistry in all things, IS who we are.  It is the […]

Childlike Joy

Just for today…remind yourself that joy is who you are. Allow yourself to experience it. Be as eager as children, innocent as lambs and as free as the wind. See your experiences through the lens of the young and allow happiness to surface simply for the sheer joy of it!


It might be that we have been taught we cannot be alive but through God. To me, we bring God to life through us. Awaken to this and you will begin to see the connectivity of all things. You will begin to see and experience your Source everywhere, all at once, all the time. Now […]