We Are The Makers of What’s Next

Today I am absolutely and somewhat starkly reminded of the perfection of all things. ¬†This includes who we truly are, what we are capable of and all the existing possibilities.¬† We can move mountains; we can shift paradigms; we can help one another and love one another and we can consistently express the love we […]


Just for today…know that whatever your challenges are right now…all is well. In this moment release the fear and breathe. The Universe always has your back.


You are here to uplift the human condition. You are not here to consistently bump into your walls of perceived doubt and fear. You are here to uplift Self to a vibration/place where there are no walls. ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien


“Absolutely nothing can manifest in your reality that is not already within you. This is on an individual level and a global level. Change must come from within first in order for the external reality to transform.” ~ Council of 12 By the look of things lately we have a lot of fear to purge […]


Just for today…remind yourself that fear of the challenges you are facing is greater than the challenge itself. Take a step back from the challenges and you will soothe the fear. Solutions will magically appear.


Just for today…remind yourself there are no limits. We live in a universe of pure potentiality. If we fear, it is only because our own power within this field is foreign to us. Fear is the only limit we place upon ourselves. Walk through it into the place within yourself where all things are possible.


There is nothing external. I know I have mentioned this before and indicated that when one thinks about the concept it becomes a huge deal. It is. My world, your world—our world—and what goes on in it is simply a manifestation of the culmination of what is going on in each Self. Some believe it […]