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Gift Certificates

ara gift1

It’s that time of year!  Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for that someone special. Not only can you purchase Gift Certificates for individual private sessions—my workshop Create Your Life is also available. Do you know someone who could benefit?  We all could use clarity in our lives from time to time–and who could not benefit from learning the tools for transforming life into something joyful, deliberate and effortless.  Contact me for additional information OR to place your order!  Message me on Facebook or email me at araparisien@gmail.com   Gift Certificates—they really are the gift that keeps on giving!

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I’m Ready

ara permission-granted

The cruise is officially over.  I am home, unpacked, and slept in my own bed last night.  It felt wonderful!

The trip was yet another opportunity to fine tune my desires; understand exactly what my path is; where I want it to go; what is necessary and what isn’t; the depth and breadth of my abilities and my commitment to be of service; and lastly, the expression in which I will move forward.  I am happy.  No.  I am more than happy.  Within me is a peace I am fortunate enough to reacquaint myself with and a joy that uplifts beyond measure.

As I embarked on this latest magical journey I was filled with expectation.  I was seeking a deeper clarity because, in essence, I felt stuck energetically.  It was astounding to me that in being so determined to ferret out what was so ‘wrong’ with me and/or my direction regarding this ‘stuck’ feeling, I found out in  tangible, powerful ways, what was so ‘right’ about me in regard to the work that I do.  It was deeply freeing.  I suppose that is the resulting sensation when one gives Self the permission to unabashedly ‘be’.

For the longest time I have wanted to expand in specific areas and I found that this is exactly what I am meant to do.  Some things cannot be denied.  It wasn’t enough for the Universe to move mountains to give me the clarity in the form of an epiphany accompanied by a strong resonation that moved me to tears, it also moved the mountain, which was me, in effortless ways to give me the evidence that I can move mountains on my own just as easily. What a profound reminder!

I was eager to get what I believed I needed on this cruise—clarity, certainty, and direction.  The Council of 12 showed me once again how backward we tend to think, feel and live sometimes.  I did ‘get’ what I was seeking and it came from unexpected sources.  It came from the opportunities that came my way to ‘give’. It was in the giving that my permission surfaced.  It was in the giving that a power was finally, blessedly and unapologetically unleashed.  It was in the giving to others that I gave to myself and realized that it is in that giving the floodgates open, the answers come, the permissions are granted and love restores.

New trails await to be forged – and I am ready. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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To Give

ara Giving-Antioch

How many times have you wondered why on earth you are here, bumping around on this plane of existence?  Hazarding a guess, I would say we all have wondered that a time or two.

I recently came across an old journal of mine.  It was dedicated to my thoughts, feelings and any messaging the Council of 12 would deign to offer on the topics I wrote about.  Like anyone else I have had my share of dark nights of the soul and in one particular deeply troubled time I questioned why I was here at all.  Astoundingly enough, the answer was offered up in the writing I am going to share with you.  I didn’t realize it at the time as my sole focus was on what I didn’t have, what wasn’t working, and what seemed totally elusive to me. It is rather evident I was still on the first leg of my spiritual journey.

To Give

What have I accomplished

In this precious moment in time

A flash of pure adventure

In a life that I call mine

I have learned about the struggle

I seem to live it every day

My spirit soars and beckons

As it knows another way

I keep following, lost and anxious

I want so to do this right

To learn and grow and impact

Without the fear and fight

Letting go of what I’m living

As in struggle, fear and woe

Leaves me lost and wandering

In a ‘me’ I do not know

To leave a life unheeded

To go before I’ve lived

Is such a waste of reverence

When I have so much left to give


Do you see the answer?

Life is all about what you can give and loving everything unconditionally as you do so.  Giving ceases to have real meaning if you feel deflated, disappointed or resentful after having done so.  It is indicative of giving without purest intent. To give simply because that is what you are here to do is an act of unconditional love.

When the time comes for us to withdraw our focus from this plane of existence we will not be thinking of how much money we made, who is going to quarrel over it, how many cars you owned or how much you suffered.  It will be about how much you gave that will ultimately represent what your life stood for—how many were impacted, how loving you were and always, always how much more you wished you could give if you had more time.

Life is a reverent gift.  It is a force of love that causes us to breathe and to pulse love from the moment of first breath.  It is a gift we are expected to give.  It is not about what we managed to get, how we can get more and how long can we keep it and certainly not about who got more than you did.

As I read my words from so many years ago I had to smile.  Even in my darkest hour the assistance from the unseen was making itself known.  We are all here to give to each other what we can.  Each of us came to this life with certain abilities.  Something no one else can do quite like you can.  Our task is to ferret out what those abilities are, commit to using them and to be of service to others.  In other words, we are here to give to others in our own unique way.

Giving is living.

~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

©Ara Parisien 2016