All There Is…Is Love


Ara Kerry

On Sept 29th 2017 the unthinkable…the unimaginable…happened.  One is never truly prepared to deal with the loss, the emotions, the pain or the numbness of mind when you hear the words, “Sorry, we did everything we could.  Unfortunately, she passed away.”

Even though the doctor on the phone was still talking I was barely able to focus on what he was saying.  He was detailing every procedure they performed on my aunt, every result, how the team of 12 doctors worked on her heart tirelessly until the heart itself could sustain nothing more.  It simply stopped beating.  He assured me she was not in pain.  He told me she went very gently.  I recall praising the doctor and his associates for going above and beyond in trying to help her.  He passed me onto a social worker to help me think more clearly regarding the steps to come.  I recall just going through the motions but that was okay as that was all I could do and thankfully, all that was expected in the moment.

In the days that followed I did what I could within my foggy mind.  I called the Funeral Home, I went to the hospital to collect her effects, I visited her apartment to search for the all important Will and I fed her cat, Punky.  Punky meant the world to my aunt and was her constant companion.  It was good he was with her as it provided her with the only source of companionship in this world.  She shut everyone who loved her out of her life for years.  Myself included.  Now Punky was the only thing left and he was 18 years old, skin and bones and could barely walk.  I found him curled up on my aunt’s bed patiently waiting for her to return.  When I looked into his eyes it seemed we both knew it was an impossibility.  I stroked his frail body and he nuzzled my hand.  I could feel his bones and more importantly I could feel his little soul.  I told him he would soon be with his mom.  A mobile vet service came two days later and lovingly released him.  I take comfort in knowing that somewhere in non-physical my aunt and Punky are frolicking in sheer joy.

My aunt had a very difficult life and suffered mental health issues which caused a level of stubbornness and paranoia.  She preferred to isolate herself and did what she could to supplement her monthly payments from the federal government.  One way among many of ‘supplementing’ was, as I found out, collecting empty bottles and cans to return for cash.  My heart broke.  She had family who loved her yet she chose this.  I live in the same city and could have easily helped her out.  Her two daughters live in Ontario but even so far away would have moved mountains to help her.  She wanted none of it.  She disowned us all.  Until that is, September 25th.  She sent me a message on Facebook and left her phone number for me to call her.

I called my aunt that very day and she spoke to me like nothing untoward had ever happened between us.  I let her talk.  She spoke of her cat, she spoke of GMOs, she spoke of diet and medications.  She never spoke of needing help. She didn’t have to.  The mere fact she reached out to me spoke volumes.  At the end of the two hour conversation I said to her that it was evident she did not want to be alone anymore.  Fortunately, she has family who love her and we will all pull together to help her move forward in her next steps toward wellness.  She cried.  I cried.  I told her I loved her.  She said she loved me too.  Three days later she died.

As a medium I see virtually all the time how those who are readying to make their transition ‘know’ they are about to leave.  My aunt was one of those people.  She knew.  She reached out.  Fortunately, our differences, our needing to be right in what had gone on before, melted in the love we felt for each other.  This is the second passing in my family where bygones, no matter how vile and vicious in the moment, simply didn’t matter. All that matters is the love. Love is all there is.  I am ever so fortunate to have been given the privilege to voice that love.  Some never get the chance.  Not having the chance though does not mean the opportunity is forever gone.  Our loved ones never die.  They transform.  When we deal with our loved ones in Spirit we are dealing with the very best aspects of them—which is all Love, and their humanness no longer requires forgiveness, frustration, resentment etc.  Our relationships continue on even though one is in Spirit and one is still in the physical.  The relationship continues on but in a different way.  Allow yourself to speak to your loved one in Spirit.  They do hear you and do respond.  Allow your relationships to heal because they can and they will. Spirit does not want you holding onto whatever pain or anguish their frail human traits caused into being. They get it now.  So should you.

Through these past few weeks I have been in awe of my family and friends, including my aunt’s two daughters, who worked tirelessly to make the going easier.  Even my ex-husband rolled up his shirt sleeves and was there to help over several days in honour of my aunt whom he had known for years.  I will never find the words to express how grateful I am to all of you.  I smile in knowing that it is the love for each other, the caring, the honouring and the remembering that shows us who we are, what we are made of and what is in us to give.

All there is and all we are….is Love

It is the only thing that truly matters.







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ara loved ones in spirit

Mediumship is a tool that can assist you on your life journey.  It is one of many tools.  Grief, a powerful catalyst, is actually the acknowledgment of a greater part of yourself rising to the surface for your attention.  From the moment a diagnosis was made, or tragic news was delivered, you expanded energetically into more than you ever thought you could be.  Mediumship offers the evidence of life-after-life, that we do not die and love is still reciprocated between the veil.  This helps you to heal and step into the you that you came here to be.  Factor in the wisdom of the Council of 12 as channeled by Ara and you have a powerful force in assisting you to pick up the pieces, see through new eyes, feel with a new heart and take your life by the horns and direct it in a way that is more appropriate for you.  You are not alone on your journey or in your pain. There is always a way to uplift into the life you came here to live. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A wonderful celebration of appreciation and love. Take a moment to reflect on your mother whether she be in physical or in spirit. Appreciate the dedication and the unconditional love. To all mothers who have lost children—my heart is with you on this most challenging of days. Remember you are not defined by how long motherhood endured—you are more defined by how special a soul knew you to be in order to select you for its all-too-fleeting time on this plane. Please take a moment today (and everyday) to reflect on every mother’s ability to love, and appreciate you had the honour of experiencing it.ara mothers-day


Mother’s Day

ara mothers day

For all mothers whose hearts ache on this day know your children are safe, well, joyful and at peace.  Their love for you still endures and is pulsed to you in every moment.  Know that they chose you for a mother for whatever time their soul could linger here—and they chose the best.  My heart is with each and every one of you today.  May spirit signs abound to let you know you truly are still a mother who is cherished and loved eternally. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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Grieving is a highly personal journey. It is a time to come to terms with extreme change. It is a time to understand that the shattering of your heart is actually the expansion of what the passing of your loved one has caused you to become. You are forever changed. Birthing the new and expanded version of yourself can be painful. Take your time. Find your footing. And please, please, please do not let others demand you to hurry or question your intent when it comes to the process of your own growth and healing. There is no right way to grieve. There is no wrong way to grieve. There is only your way to grieve. ~ Medium Ara Parisien


Grief and Joy

Grief and joy are opposite expressions of Love. Allow those who are grieving to grieve to their fullest potential. There is no ‘right’ way to grieve or ‘wrong’ way to grieve–there is only ‘their’ way to grieve. It is the depth of their despair that is in direct measure of the joy that is available to them. It is the same for all of us. When they are ready, they make the inevitable journey towards joy. Be compassionate. There are no ‘right’ words to offer. Listening is all that is required. Listen and know that in the midst of their excruciating pain they are finding themselves, learning more about themselves, forging a new definition of themselves and expanding into more than they ever thought they could be. Grieving is a birthing of a new way of life. The moment we are able to see it as such we are on the path to joy.


…and what about the truly evil beings we have on our planet?

So many times I have been asked by clients, “What about Hitler? What about 911? and now, What about Connecticut?”

It seems that when faced with the dilemma to see through the eyes of Source or to see from one’s own humanness we will choose our humanness each and every time simply because we have been conditioned to do so. We are so keen and focused on retaliation, retribution and ultimate judgment that we fail to see what is truly going on.

In the beginning we rode an arc on our way on to this plane of existence as a spark from Source energy and engaged a tiny, human package with that spark of Source energy pulsing eternally within. Thus began the journey of the perceived two parts of who we are. The human package with this tiny spark of Source energy and the vast, vibrational component that is connected to the spark within. This vast, vibrational component is who we truly are. We are Source energy.

As we walk through our life we begin to distance ourselves from who we truly are and are conditioned by those around us, as well as impacted by challenges and experiences. We all have different challenges and we all are conditioned differently. We take away some form of knowledge from every life event we experience with varying degrees and intensities. For some, it takes them farther away from their connection to the larger part of themselves.

So it is with the Hitler’s of the world. Is this ‘wrong’ in the eyes of Source? No. How could it be when Source has woven Free Will into the fabric of humanity? Hitler may have used his Free Will in a way that was, and always will remain, in contrast to what each and every one of us would have chosen on a human level, but he still exercised one of the greatest gifts Source has given. If Source is perfect, so is everything we experience. Source does not make mistakes. If we believe Source is perfect then all that emanates from Source is perfect. It is our limited human understanding that dictates what Source ‘allows’ or does not ‘allow’. People such as Hitler used their Free Will based perhaps on his own personal point of fear and desperation. It is an example for us to perhaps choose from not push against. These attributes are human based not soul based. However, the perfection of Source deems that for everything we see as tragic there is something equal and opposite to it.

You might say that even one death at any person’s hands is one too many. I would agree with that on the surface, which is from my human perspective, but there is always a bigger picture at play. What is this greater picture? It is part of the Illusion we live within. When something we deem to be so tragic occurs something transforms us. At first we cry out in our pain and then we miraculously band together in love and compassion. This is part of the ‘equal and opposite’ to the event itself. It is also a vital part of the gift the tragedy offers up. Our turning to Love in the moments of our despair.

What if all tragedies were designed to bring attention to our need for Unconditional Love? Would it still be a tragedy of such magnanimous proportion? If we viewed it from this vantage point perhaps we might begin to understand that the event was a catalyst, a gift of sorts, to have us turn within and understand that Love is still not free-flowing on this planet. To be perfectly honest, as long as we are judging the Hitler’s of the world there is no Unconditional Love whatsoever no matter how justified you might feel on a human level. Source is not selective as to who is worthy of Love. Humans are. Love is who we are. We might forget this in our daily life but the notion is totally abandoned when it comes to perceived tragedy.

To me, all perceived tragedies are orchestrated for our greater good and with the agreement of each and every participant. Instead of shaking your fist, pointing fingers and crying foul and avenging the souls who had agreed to participate in the ‘tragedy’, why not honour them for the process their Soul chose and agreed to prior to incarnation. Would our world be a better place if more Love was exercised and more honour and respect were expressed? I think so.

History has proven repeatedly that Free Will has always been a trigger point of the masses. It stems from our conditioning that we are separate from one another. Our human laws dictate what should and should not occur. Who knows the laws of the Soul? Before we continue with our knee-jerk reaction and become angry at the message this article holds, think on what your own bigger picture is. Chances are you haven’t a clue. So why would any of us think we know someone else’s? Remaining in the human perspective will cause a recycling of pain and anger and will ultimately hold the vibration of the event and all it’s negativity within us and the planet. Seeing through the eyes of Source will bring relief and a greater understanding of events even if you may not know the whys and wherefores immediately. The awareness that this is even possible is a gift in itself.

Our ‘rightness’ is borne from our anger, our judgment, our hatred for a contrasting event that confounds and stupifies us. Nothing ‘good’ or ‘right’ can come from it. If being so right was going to make a difference–perhaps we might consider that we have given it SO much attention over the eons that it should have made a difference by now. It hasn’t. It might be time to graduate to the next level of our humanness and try seeing with a different heart.

Grieve, yes. Grieve for those who are left behind and help them to know the Love that is ever-present within them. Help them to move through their anger at events that have no rhyme nor reason in their human, logical minds. Retaliate, no. There is no retaliation that can ever match a) the gift the perceived tragedy has rendered or b) justice meted out on any perceived perpetrator. Only Love is a greater match than these. You may not like the look of situations, nor may you have understanding, however, one must look beyond perceived events and realize you are being beckoned through the Illusion itself. Beckoned ever forward—and back to the Love that you are and have forgotten.