The Rising Phoenix Mind & Body Rejuvenation Women’s Retreat 2018

I am thrilled to be offering private sessions at The Rising Phoenix Mind & Body Rejuvenation Women’s Winter Retreat 2018 in Sooke BC, Feb 9 – 11 at the Prestige Beach Front Resort!! This retreat tends to book up fast so make sure you register early! I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces as […]

“The Other Side of Grief” by Ara Parisien The Other Side Of Grief offers hope and inspiration within the context of the grieving process. Medium Ara Parisien shares selected transcripts from thousands of readings she has conducted over twenty-five years. These transcripts not only showcase how Spirit encourages us to live joyfully – in spite of what we feel we have lost […]

The Way

Just for today….take time to meditate. Meditation is your natural state while waking, conscious life is the altered state. Allow yourself some time to feel non-resistance to life challenges. Non-resistance can be achieved through meditation. It is the state where solutions surface, inspiration dawns and authentic power manifests. Meditate. You are worth the dignity of […]


The Spring season lends itself to a tangible awareness of new growth, new hope and new opportunities. Celebrate your newness. Breathe new life into your dreams and passion. Allow the freshness to inspire you in new directions. While Spring ignites excitement we should remember that every moment allows for a pristine new beginning. Rebirth. It […]


Just for today…remind yourself that life doesn’t just ‘happen’. You are life–unfolding in every moment. Be present. Focus clearly and choose according to your inspiration. All will unfold magically.


Just for today…listen. Stop talking about your issues, your problems, your health and your challenges. Focus more on listening than on being heard. In your silence intuition and inspiration arise. It is through your intuition that guidance is offered. It is through inspiration that answers and actions are determined. It is always speaking to you. […]

Signs of Inspiration

Every so often clients tell me they receive signs when it is time to have a session. Some, such as this one today, are just too good not to share. This particular client had been feeling like a session was in order but wasn’t completely sure. Then she noticed the label on a wine bottle […]


What inspires you? Share your inspiration in the comment section—and inspire others! You have no idea who you might uplift today!


If I had a dime for every time someone said to me, “You have not suffered like I have suffered,” I would be a very rich woman–monetarily at least. Life is not a competition of who has suffered the most. Life is about understanding that your pain can only be heard and felt by you […]


Love is not about validation from another.  Love is about recognition in one another.  When one is needing validation you will hear statements such as, “Love me just the way that I am.”  This speaks of a desire to feel one is ‘okay’ no matter what the condition.  Conversely, when one is in recognition of […]