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To Be Loved….

ara unconditional love

There is nothing more inspiring or fulfilling than being loved.  Not by someone else but by Self.  When you have unconditional love for the Self there is no need to judge or validate through others.  There is only peace. Love is never anything we need to pursue or demand.  It is who we already are.  All we need to do is allow it to flow out of us instead of focusing on where we might find it, have it, hold onto it or grieve over it.  Let go of your judgments, your self-righteousness, your need to govern everyone else’s choices.  Love everything as it is, when it is, how it is without being concerned about why it is.

Love.  It is who we are.  Allow yourself to love everything unconditionally and watch your world change. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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Responding vs Reacting

Just for today…choose a different response to those around you. Your positivity, your warmth and your compassion is vastly more important–and needed–more than your frustration, resentments and petty judgments. By changing your response to annoyances, you create an opportunity for others to respond differently as well. It’s amazing how responding versus reacting actually shifts dynamics and allows you to see the good in others.


Unconditional Love

Just for today…love all–even when it is not reciprocated. We spend so much time judging the worth and value of one another. The “I will love and respect you if you love and respect me” mentality is far removed from unconditional love. Unconditional Love isn’t about judgments or worth. It just is. It is who we all are whether we or others know it or show it. Be responsible for what you choose to express. Show love. Unconditionally.

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Shift to joy and appreciation

Just for today….look at every person, place and thing as if you were seeing it for the first time. Experience the sheer joy of discovery. When you do you will be seeing through the eyes of Source where this no judgment, no expectation of another. There will simply be pure appreciation. It’s amazing how your day will change because of it. Give it a try!