Be Brave

Just for today…remind yourself when your light shines into darker corners it sends darkness scattering for safety. When this occurs know that it has nothing to do with you. However, depending on your reaction to it, it might be that it is reflecting the darkness still residing in you. Spend more time focused on healing […]

Shine bright!

Just for today…remind yourself that whatever stormy dynamic you find yourself in…remember it is then that you shine your brightest. Hang on. Keep shining your incredible light!


Just for today…remember that you are amazing…just the way you are. Shine your awesomeness!! It not only lights up your life…but it lights up the world too!


Just for today…remember to shine your light brilliantly. Let the real you illuminate everything around you in spite tragedy; in spite of perceived ideas; in spite of negativity. Shine. You may never know the impact your light has on another…and the world.