Moving FORWARD in life!

Rumi quote

“Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are.” ~ Rumi

It has taken me years of communing with the Council of 12 to understand this simple quote. It has taken me years to realize that absolutely nothing resides outside of one’s Self. It is one thing to ‘know’ but it is quite another to apply the knowledge that allows for the wisdom to surface.

The Council of 12 has, rather relentlessly, told me that we as human beings have everything backwards. We believe backwards, we see backwards and ultimately we live backwards. It all seemed to fit as anytime I visited a human issue with the Council they would always tell me to flip the issue around and see it from its opposite. It worked. However, I did not realize until quite some time ago that their teachings could be applied straight across the board and were not selective as to issue or circumstance. The proverbial light bulb went on in my head.

We are well-being. We are a pure positive stream of well-being—eternally. It is our perspective of what is happening that causes us to believe we are anything different. Being a devoted follower of Abraham-Hicks I began to listen to the teachings from a different vantage point suggested to me by the Council of 12. The wisdom Abraham shares is absolutely spot on and I take great glee in understanding the insights from this deeper level. What Abraham is doing is helping to soothe and relax the egoic mind enough to allow desires to flow FROM us—not TO us. We are abundance. We just need to open ourselves to that fact and let it flow. We are optimum health. We just need to believe and act accordingly. We are already all the things we desire. We are manifestations in motion and the only thing preventing the tangible evidence of that—is our belief that it comes from somewhere else and we need to be worthy of such blessings. We ARE the blessings. We are pure magic.

So just for today, remind yourself that you are already everything that you desire, dream of and believe. Relax into the state of pure positive well-being and know with certainty that all is well. Keep this going for a time and you will unlock the treasure trove that is you—and has been you all along.

Go for it. You deserve the dignity of your own efforts. Why? Because you matter. You hold the proverbial magic wand. Believe it. Live it. Be it.

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The Way


Just for today….take time to meditate. Meditation is your natural state while waking, conscious life is the altered state. Allow yourself some time to feel non-resistance to life challenges. Non-resistance can be achieved through meditation. It is the state where solutions surface, inspiration dawns and authentic power manifests. Meditate. You are worth the dignity of your own efforts.

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Just for today…focus your energy on the way you would like things to be. Placing your focus on what you don’t like or want exacerbates what you don’t like or want. You already know what you least prefer because your focus has manifested it all around you. Make the change. Start giving your attention to how you wish things to be. There’s no better time…than now.

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You are in charge

Just for today….remind yourself that you are in charge. It is not up to anyone else to further your cause, believe in you or to make things happen. If you consistently rely on others—no matter how well meaning and intended they may be—you will consistently be disappointed. Why? Because your goals, your dreams and your desires can only be deeply felt by you and no one else. It is by your intense passion that all things manifest. No one can manifest for you. You are enough. You have what you need to create. You have the power that creates worlds coursing in you. Dare to trust it.

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December 21, 2012

So here it is, December 21, 2012 and the day has dawned as I fully expected it to. As I sipped my morning coffee waiting to greet the light of a new day, I smiled and wondered to myself what all the fearful people were planning to fear next now that the End of the World marketing has been milked completely dry. So much focus has been dedicated to the possibility of a catastrophic end to life as we know it. One fact that was overlooked by many was that the Mayan calendar never predicted catastrophe. That has always been a Western culture construct. The Mayans actually predicted an ‘apocalypse’ which is vastly more far-reaching and miraculous if we choose to see it as such. Why? Because ‘apocalypse,’ in translation is a ‘revealing.’ A revealing of what, you might ask. It is a revealing of a truth that has been behind the veil of our conscious awareness. A truth about the illusion we have been living within for eons.

We are transitioning through the end of one age and the beginning of another. It is a focal point. A place to put our focus where it will be of the most benefit, not just to Self but to each other. I am quick to augment this with the fact that each moment augers the same opportunities for change. One does not need such a monumental platform in order to enact change at all but as long as the platform is here we might as well use it to our collective advantage.

Our focus is our authentic power by which all things are made manifest. It is immeasurable. When we collectively focus on specific targets, miracles occur. It is in this way that you become a catalyst–a change agent–and you begin to understand that you are truly a miracle in motion. Think about it. If your focus has been based from your personal point of fear, and your focus manifests, what have you been contributing, manifesting and allowing? When you experience the power that you are, you realize that fear is simply the absence of Love–the Love of Self–the Love for each other–and the Love of our planet. In essence, you fear Love–which is who you are. When you deliberately focus your power you realize there is absolutely nothing to fear because the Self is fully equipped with the power that creates worlds. Heady stuff!

So if you were to give your attention to something, which is your focus, which in turn is your power, what would you give it to? What do you want to see changed? Some say they would want an end to war, a stable economy, love for one another and to live in peace. To that I say, all is possible—IF they are willing to give it the attention it deserves in their own lives. The ‘world’ is a collective of all vibrational energy from every individual who breathes. It is not something external that we view each night on the news. It is here. It is now. It is in you. It is you–and has been all along. If you believe for a moment that you are not the kind of person who would hurt another, think again. Every time you judge, every time you loathe, every time you punish those vibrations amass with every other individual’s contribution and are played out in full expression on a world stage. When we see the darkness of it, when we witness the pain of it, we still do not recognize that we have contributed to it by what we carry within.

The ‘revealing’ that will occur and is occurring is assisting the shadow side of Self to bubble up to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. So it is with our world–or stage. When your old paradigms and conditioning have been attended to, the world, which is our mirror will reflect it back to us. The paradigms existing in our world because of our vibrational contributions will implode and crumble in order for new paradigms to be seeded, nurtured and birthed. This time of paradigm collapse on an individual level and, in turn, the world, might buffet us to and fro for a time. Hold your focus steady on what you prefer the outcome to be and give little attention to what is seemingly happening. There is absolutely nothing that is impossible–even though we have been conditioned to believe we are powerless. The nature of the illusion now has a crack in its veneer and the light of Truth will shine blindingly in many areas. Chaos may reign for a time but you–together with your deliberate focus–will help pave the way for not only for you in your own life but for all of us and all who come after us. Change is here, as it has been in every moment. Now it is just taking center stage. Be mindful of your focus–or what you give your attention to in your daily lives. You are needed–not your fears or resentments, bitterness or judgments. When we begin to understand the nature of who we truly are we will see clearly there is no Self at all–just one beautiful and powerful stream of pure positive energy that we ride, sharing and expressing our perceived individuality. We have the power because we are that power. The question is, can you get over yourself enough to be that power.