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The Way


Just for today….take time to meditate. Meditation is your natural state while waking, conscious life is the altered state. Allow yourself some time to feel non-resistance to life challenges. Non-resistance can be achieved through meditation. It is the state where solutions surface, inspiration dawns and authentic power manifests. Meditate. You are worth the dignity of your own efforts.


Spirituality a hoax?


There is a movement in the world that is claiming ‘spirituality’ is a hoax. Their claim is that ‘spirituality’ is an avenue whereby one does not have to claim responsibility for a world that is seemingly spiraling out of control towards devolution. Further, they claim, that ‘spirituality’ is a selfish orientation that panders to the ‘me’ complex and does not hold the concept of the ‘greater good for all’ in their hearts. Their platform also mentions that meditation, chakras, ascension and enlightenment, and I quote, “is not for those of us with money to use our time here on earth to design our lives in the image of our desires, wants and fantasies of personal ‘attainment’ and ‘enlightenment’ to apparently become more ‘spiritually evolved’ — that is an obvious starting point of Separation and of Spitefulness toward All as One as Equal – where one places oneself in one’s ‘own version of oneness’ within ones mind as an Alternate Reality that does not Equate what is Best for All.” Interesting.

Differing views are healthy. I find they give me cause to pause, reflect, reassess and change if the resonation of truth is present. Everyone has the gift of choice to believe in whatever they wish. What I am about to share is simply mine.

It seems to me that in our upward thrust of our evolution we are fracturing ourselves in an attempt to stand out in our eagerness to appear as The Better One. This, at least to me, causes an immediate scratching of the head. However, I fully embrace all roads that lead us to our ultimate remembering.

Spirituality is a path that is purely subjective. Some find it by OMMM-ing their way through life, others find it through self-help applications and still others find it through communal sharing and upliftment. It matters not how we find it. It matters most what we DO with it when we find it.

As an analogy, consider there are twenty people huddled together in the elements, starving. One of the twenty lifts their head high enough to see there is a bin of fresh fruit and vegetables not five feet away. This person tells the other nineteen that the end to starvation is indeed possible if they just look in a certain general direction. No one looks up and no one believes because from their vantage point they cannot see it. The one who does see it is now faced with a dilemma. Do they continue to be huddled with the nineteen who cannot see or do they embark on a singular journey to the bin of sustenance. Being huddled together as One in such hopelessness and powerlessness is not of benefit to the All. So the decision is made to get to the bin and show the nineteen the existence of what they believe is impossible. Once arrival is successful there is much jubilation that causes the nineteen to look up. With incredulity written on many faces and a driving need to be sustained in life many of the nineteen make their journey to what undoubtedly must be a bin of miracles. Not everyone is willing to notice nor are they willing to move. The ones who can and do, however, bring sustenance back to them. Because the ones remaining do not know the Source of the sustenance they view the food given as a mere morsel that surely will not last and will continue to huddle together until another one who can see will bring them more.

What has been happening is that because of the element of fear that is prevalent in our society, there will be those who make it to the bin and decide that the fruit and vegetables have value based on its scarcity–after all they have only seen one bin at this point. They will begin to divide the food and assess a worth and begin charging people to partake of it. Those who can afford it, eat and live. Those who cannot, suffer and die. It is truly a backward way to be as one is not allocating a value on the food–they are actually allocating a value on humanity itself–as in who is worthy of eating and who isn’t. Our worth is not based on what we can afford. Our worth is based on where we have come from—Source. Source has no limits. Source is abundance. Source offers limitless bins of food. With Source there is no scarcity. With Source there is no monetary or intangible worth placed on the head of one over another. We are all the same. We are all One. We are all Source energy.

Spiritually speaking, and I use the term with impish glee, we either huddle together as One in a disempowered and hopeless state, or we journey toward the sustenance provided to show all what is available. If we do the latter then we indeed are huddled together as One in a more powerful state of love, positivity and compassion. Either way, we are huddled. We cannot break away from the One. We ‘are’ the One. We are merely searching and experiencing different expressions of the One.

As for the meditation, chakras, ascension and enlightenment they are all different roads available that we may choose from to find the bin. Meditation teaches us that our conscious state is actually our altered state and by quieting the mind we begin to realize the bin has always been there. The chakras, or energy centers exist to transmute our pain and sorrow of our belief that there is no bin into something more positive, if we allow it. If we don’t we will hang onto our perceived suffering which serves only to keep our awareness from the bin. Ascension is not about being swooped off the planet by a mightier power. You are the power. Ascension is all about transmuting the energy of who you think you are into knowing who you truly are. When that higher vibrational energy is sustained you will see all things differently from the vantage point of Source. It is a vibrational ascension from the harsher duality of this plane. As for enlightenment. We are all being enlightened every step we take. Enlightenment is not the destination. It is the glowing embers we feel everyday that burst into sudden flames. The flames serve to light our way so that we may always see that we are more than we ever dared believe. There is nothing mystical–but it is all miraculous, at least to me.

Spirituality demonstrates a spitefulness of the One? Not from this end of the computer. The only spitefulness that exists is when one belief minimizes another in order to appear more believable. There are so many roads up the mountain but the view is all the same. We should remind each other that where we want to look and what we want to see and what we want to experience is our own choice. It has value. It cannot be bought. And we do it as the spectacular expression of Source itself.

Spirituality, to me, is the willingness to believe in who we truly are coupled with the courage to express it from the vantage point of who we truly are–love and compassion. Is it fantasy? I don’t believe so but I do believe it is an Illusion. A grand masquerade that when the party is over we will remove our individual masks and see not only that we were all mere expressions of the One–we are the One. Spirituality is the game we engage in while the party is still going on. It is about learning who we are before the masks come off. The only thing that will be important when the party is over is the love we shared and what we did for one another when we wore the masks.

Is it about refusing to claim responsibility? No. It is about understanding that choice reigns supreme and all we can do is make the best possible choices. Claiming responsibility is all about being the change you want to see not just talking about it.