Moments and Magic

Moments are an eternal bursting forth of opportunities and miracles. We are relentless magic that is Source itself. Be aware of yourself–your thoughts and feelings. Be joyful. Be eager. Live each day knowing you are the magic wand.


Just for today….remind yourself that miracles are not something you beg for, plead for or petition for. You are the miracle. You are a miracle in motion. Every moment offers the opportunity for miracles to burst joyfully into your awareness. How? By your belief. Why? Because it is who you are. When? Why not now.


Miracles are real. Miracles happen every day. We may not see them as such as our focus is on much more mundane things. When situations turn desperate, that is when you hear people talking about and asking for a miracle. Society has deemed a miracle as something that occurs when all hope is lost and […]

Belief Structures

We all initially function with a borrowed belief structure. It is handed down from our parents, from their parents, who learned it from parents of parents long before us. It is in this way that belief structures certainly are integrated into our dna and are perpetuated over eons of time. The question is, does this […]