What I am noticing….


Good morning world! I have been up before the sun feeling invigorated and inspired! I poured my coffee and read/responded to emails and then turned my attention to Facebook. I am really not all that enamoured with it these days as there seems to be too many ads in the News Feed and not enough content from Friends and when there is it is almost a day old. It might be time to find another social networking platform. However, from what I did read this morning I noticed a few things that made me wonder. When I wonder, I write.

I have noticed that people can get right on board with posts that depict some of the wrongness of the world like violence, animal cruelty, gender inequality, LGBT marriages and agree we need a free-flowing stream of Love that heals all and embraces differences. I have noticed that these issues, often at arms length as they occur ‘elsewhere’ are easy to ride on the proverbial band wagon with ardent fist-pumping. Yet I have noticed these same people turning on others with a brand of venom that surely would never be spoken to a person’s face but somehow seems proper in the ethers of Facebook. I have noticed that rallying friends on the other side of the computer screen seems to offer some sort of validation to the rightness of their feelings and ultimately their behaviour. If one has a disagreement with another it should be discussed with that person. If no common ground can be found it is simply the Universe showing that there is no longer an energetic alignment and it is time to move on. So move on. No need to air the poison as it serves no one.

I have noticed that it is true that if we want what we perceive as wrong in our world to be corrected we need to be correct in ourselves and to each other. This battle between the dark and the light is within Self—not with other people. Perhaps pay more attention to why you feel the need to express your anger publically for there will be the clue to what needs your attention. It is never about others.

We can all agree there is a huge macrocosm of problems looming over our plane of existence but I fail to see how we can collectively heal and change them if we are so focused upon the microcosm in the way that we are. We owe it to ourselves, each other and indeed the world to BE the change. It won’t change by itself. It changes by how we, each and every one of us, deal with our shadows within. Shine some light where it can do the most good and take responsibility of what it shows you. You cannot begin to change it if you do not own it. Heal the inner pain that has allowed your history to be repeated over and over. It’s time. The true you is longing for breath. Unconditional love is yearning to be expressed. You are so worth the dignity of this kind of effort. So is the world…and it is waiting.