Be Brave

Just for today…remind yourself when your light shines into darker corners it sends darkness scattering for safety. When this occurs know that it has nothing to do with you. However, depending on your reaction to it, it might be that it is reflecting the darkness still residing in you. Spend more time focused on healing […]


Just for today…remind yourself that the opportunity for change resides in each and every moment. It never evolves by virtue of another person. Change is necessary. It begins with you.

Choice and Change

Just for today…remind yourself that in every moment there is an opportunity to change things. It is not ‘time’ that heals or changes all things. It is what you do with the time that predicates change. You change things by the choices you make each moment.


Just for today…remind yourself that the expression of love should not be isolated for celebration on any specific day—but everyday. Neither is it about validating your self worth by determining who loves you. Love is an expression from the deepest core of your soul. It is who you are. Unleash it. Love all. Love life. […]


Just for today…remind yourself that your presence matters. YOU matter. Stand tall, be purposeful, smile easily, love consistently. When you do you offer others an opportunity to respond in kind.