Peace In Ourselves – Peace In The World

For the longest time, the last few weeks in particular, I have been sitting back ‘observing’.  I have been saddened and outraged at times but am now settling into a sense of peace and knowing.  Not a lofty ‘knowing’.  More like a ‘remembering’.  I remember that my soul is here to evolve—which means I will […]

We Are The Makers of What’s Next

Today I am absolutely and somewhat starkly reminded of the perfection of all things.  This includes who we truly are, what we are capable of and all the existing possibilities.  We can move mountains; we can shift paradigms; we can help one another and love one another and we can consistently express the love we […]

Embrace And Be Grateful

You know those infuriating emotional twinges you get when things are not congruent with who you are or what you believe?  Embrace it!!  It is your inner being letting you know that you have some positive focus work to do.  It is a trigger. You are hard wired to know when there is something that […]


I AM the soft folds of the forest glistening with dew; I AM the expansive pale blue that stretches forever; I AM the vibrant green of the rolling hills; I AM the stillness ready to be filled; I AM the sound that breaks the silence; I AM One with all.  The love I AM surges […]

There Are No Conclusions

Just for today….remind yourself there are no conclusions. There are only moments in the Now flowing one into another that serve to dictate future Nows. Be focused upon each moment knowing it is flowing you into a greater state of peace or a greater state of uncertainty. You are in charge.

Do Your Part

We are in challenging times. It pains me when I hear many say they want world peace but feel that ‘others’ are the ones who can effect that peace. If the truth were known, what we see going on ‘out there’ in the world is a direct reflection of what is going on within all […]

Authentic Power

Just for today…remind yourself that you are a miracle in motion. The energy that you are has the power to create worlds. Boldly begin to create the world you could happily, peacefully and joyfully live. Once you experience the slightest taste of your authentic power then you will begin to live deliberately.


Peace. It is not something you demand from other countries. It is not something we demand from each other. It is not something witnessed, it is felt. Peace is not killed for. It is not expected, demanded, manipulated, given or taken away. Spend less time shaking your fist at where you perceive peace isn’t. The […]