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Peace In Ourselves – Peace In The World


For the longest time, the last few weeks in particular, I have been sitting back ‘observing’.  I have been saddened and outraged at times but am now settling into a sense of peace and knowing.  Not a lofty ‘knowing’.  More like a ‘remembering’.  I remember that my soul is here to evolve—which means I will grow and change—either kicking or screaming or with grace; that my heart, even though broken at times, will always mend—if I truly want to heal it; that words have the power to uplift or tear down—bullying others, minimizing others, blaming others does nothing to effect the change one prefers; that being so ‘right’ as to insist others believe as we do is folly; and that our true power is within us, not external and definitely not predicated on who does what—or doesn’t, who says what—or doesn’t. I remind myself that inasmuch as we have believed that  embracing our differences is peaceful and admirable it still showcases ‘differences’.  We are all the same. We are here pretending to be something different to learn, grow and above all to learn to love each other. We bump along in the illusion as empty spaces with no colour, no religion, no sexual orientation. We just are. We are all powerful beyond measure and we all have the capacity to love and respect one another.  I remind myself that pushing against what we do not want only gives us more to push against when in essence if we simply focused on what we prefer we can collectively forge new trails and be the powerful change agents we came here to be.  Lastly, I remember Wayne Dyer’s wise words that when you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice.  What comes out of someone during challenging times is what has been in them all along.  We are all being called to heal the fear that is in us being expressed externally as venom, as bullying, as self-righteousness and all else that does not serve ourselves or anyone else.  When we do we will all be postured to move into a peace as yet unrevealed. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher


We Are The Makers of What’s Next

ara orlando 2

Today I am absolutely and somewhat starkly reminded of the perfection of all things.  This includes who we truly are, what we are capable of and all the existing possibilities.  We can move mountains; we can shift paradigms; we can help one another and love one another and we can consistently express the love we truly are.  Or we can kill one another.

My heart aches for those impacted by the mass shooting in Orlando. We have all been riveted to the outpouring of information and it serves simply to keep us focused upon the catalyst of this tragedy.  It allows for the angst to expand, the fear to grow and the judgments to keep flowing in a perceived righteousness that fuels fires.  We fail to remember there is a bigger picture at play. We have not even noticed the ever-flowing love emanating from the world at large.  I am choosing to honor the souls who participated in this mass exodus.  An exodus that begs us to see the reflection of who we are in the core of every tragic event.  Humanity as a collective can only express what is within them.  It is evident we have a long way to go before we shift the victim/victimizer paradigm.

Instead of demanding new rules and regulations and instead of insisting we all conform, we might do well to embrace the differences being expressed by the One. Take this opportunity to understand that all life is a reflection—not just the good stuff.  It shows where we most need to change and offers us all an opportunity to do so. We cannot change if we do not own our shadows.  Killing, violence, judgments and more rules and regulations that change our behavior are not the answer.  They are all merely symptoms of a crippled and conditioned humanity and its sorrowful, needful cry for change.

We have it in us.  We have always had it in us to effect the changes we most want to experience.  No killing is a ‘right’ killing.  No violence is ‘right violence’.  Peace has never been fought for, argued for or won through violence in the eons it has been employed as ‘the right move’.  We are all being called and for those who have not participated in a mass exodus it means you are still here and there are other ways for you to make a difference.  It all begins with us and the love we choose to express.  We are the makers of what’s next. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher

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Embrace And Be Grateful

ara contrast

You know those infuriating emotional twinges you get when things are not congruent with who you are or what you believe?  Embrace it!!  It is your inner being letting you know that you have some positive focus work to do.  It is a trigger. You are hard wired to know when there is something that needs your attention.  To me, this is miraculous to know we are all well-tended on the physical plane.  No more seeking out externally for the reasons/excuses as to why you feel the way you feel.  Even if you are ‘right’ in what you believe, if it doesn’t make you feel good you cannot be ‘right’ enough to make a difference to anyone least of all yourself.  Tend to the miracle that is you.  Embrace those twinges from within and know you are being called to your authentic power.  It will never stop calling you because of the dualistic plane in which we reside.  All you need do is soothe it and you have done your job.  Make peace with it.  It truly is your friend…and a powerful gift. ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Do Your Part

peace We are in challenging times. It pains me when I hear many say they want world peace but feel that ‘others’ are the ones who can effect that peace. If the truth were known, what we see going on ‘out there’ in the world is a direct reflection of what is going on within all of us as a collective consciousness. We still fear. We still hate. We still feel that ‘might’ and ‘right’ are the requirements to ‘win’ peace. We need to drop the pretense that we are better, bolder, stronger and righter than anyone else. We might start to see we all carry the same fears, the same wounds and the same power. We need to heal those dark recesses within ourselves that trigger our fear…especially our fear of one another. We need to remember we are all one. There is no separation. If we kill to jockey for political power and position under the pretense that we are ‘aiding and assisting’ then we are deeply rooted in the fear that we are powerless, helpless and in need of saving. We need to stop believing in everything we are being told to believe. To kill, to maim, to wound, to cause suffering in the name of peace is preposterous. We are only doing it to ourselves. Wake up. We cannot kill for peace, we cannot fight for peace and we certainly cannot win peace. Peace is something we give because it is something we are. Do your part. Please. Search for peace within yourselves and then live that peace every day. Will it work overnight? Oddly enough…if there was enough love and respect for life and each other it would have an effective impact. If we each healed our own wounds we would not have need to wound another. Claim peace within yourself…if we all just did that much…what a wonderful world it would be.



Peace. It is not something you demand from other countries. It is not something we demand from each other. It is not something witnessed, it is felt. Peace is not killed for. It is not expected, demanded, manipulated, given or taken away. Spend less time shaking your fist at where you perceive peace isn’t. The more you point fingers and cry foul the more elusive peace seems to be. Peace. It is who we are. Let peace reign. It starts with you–not just at Christmas–but every moment you breathe.