Cosmic Math

positive and negative
Cosmic Math

The Universe is (+) or positive and inclusive. There is no (-) or negativity or exclusion.

Therefore, you cannot (-) or take anything away from the universe just because you do not like nor want something.

There is only (+) which is ever increasing and expanding.

Being (-) is in direct opposition to the flow of who you are. The (-)’s are born of your perception and can be transmuted to (+) the moment you choose to view them differently.

The universal flow cannot (-) or be decreased. This is why being (+) works.

Be (+) in spite of what seems to be going on around you. Resistance is futile.

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life flow
Just for today…remind yourself there is only one flow of life and that is the pure positive flow of well being. It is who you are. If you do not feel it then you know your work is to align back into the power that you are. There is only one force. There is only one power. There is only one flow and it is eternal. Find your way back home to it and allow it to carry you to and through a pure and consistent field of limitless possibilities.

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Just for today…remind yourself that clinging to how you have always been or how you have always managed life may no longer be working for you. It is time to do something different. Surrender to the flow of the Universe which is Source itself. Allow it to carry you. It is a pure, positive stream of well-being that has always been and will eternally be. Ride the wave.

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Just for today…remind yourself that whatever you pay attention to is what will be predominant in your day. No matter how negative a situation might seem there is a duality present within in. Take a moment to appreciate that a positive exists and you will allow that positive aspect to surface. Do this consistently and you will find yourself flowing in the pure positive stream of well-being. It is where you belong because it is who you truly are. Focus your attention for that is your power.

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Be Positive

stop being afraid

Just for today…focus upon all the positive things in any given situation you may face even if you don’t readily see them. Because you do not see them does not mean they aren’t there. The more you see the positives in other people and situations the faster things morph into that which you prefer. By doing this the cycle of negativity lessens in momentum and your entire life begins to change.

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We are energy in our truest form. We are all the same energy. Given we are all the same energy there is absolutely no way we are not going to ‘feel’ the variations of someone else’s expression of that energy. In that way, we are all empaths.

Time and time again I hear people tell of how they absorb the energies around them; that they must protect themselves; that others’ energy wreaks havoc in their lives; that they tend to feel the pain of others, etc. I am not disputing this fact as it is very real for them. However, it speaks to an issue in their own belief structure more than it does to the fact that they are an empath.

Just as our physical selves are governed by physical laws on this plane such as the Law of Gravity, so it is that our vibrational selves are governed by the universal laws such as the Law of Vibration, Law of Rhythm, Law of Attraction to name but a few. Whatever you hold in your belief structure causes an emotion that drives the vibrational bus and is the virtual magnet that tells the universe what you want to experience. Therefore, if you are vibrating a fear, or an expectation that others might interfere with your energy then you will find more and more people coming around you that can lower your vibrational quality. Do you need to protect yourself from this? The only protection one needs, as far as I am concerned, is awareness–the awareness of what you are vibrating not what others are vibrating.

The lot in life for ’empaths’ (and remember, we are all empaths) is not to journey through life dodging and weaving others, nor is it to consistently feel everyone’s pain to the point it becomes their own. Everyone is here to be the joy they already are and express it always. When I walk into a room full of people I am not concerned about what I will ‘get’ from others, I am more concerned about what I am contributing. When I am mindful of ensuring my vibration is high, light and loving I will easily identify others who are vibrating in like fashion. I have yet to hear an ’empath’ walk into a room and say, “Oh my! That person over there is so full of joy they are almost bursting! I want to be around them!” It works the same way for the positive vibration as it does for the negative. It is Law. It is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like.

Want to live more positively and joyfully in life? The only protection you need is your own awareness of what you are vibrating. How do you know what you are vibrating? Look at what is around you in any given moment as it is your indicator. Worry less about what you ‘get’ and focus more on what you are contributing. What can you expect? Shift happens.

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Responding vs Reacting

Just for today…choose a different response to those around you. Your positivity, your warmth and your compassion is vastly more important–and needed–more than your frustration, resentments and petty judgments. By changing your response to annoyances, you create an opportunity for others to respond differently as well. It’s amazing how responding versus reacting actually shifts dynamics and allows you to see the good in others.