Claim your worthiness…from the Council of 12

There is a freedom in understanding and then claiming your worthiness. It opens doors not previously seen, it closes pathways that echo the past, it shines the light on the pure potentiality that you are. Seize the moment, rejoice in the acknowledgement and love the you that you came here to be. It is all […]

You are capable

Just for today…remind yourself of your true potential. In every moment you are capable of walking toward your desires. You are capable of choosing; capable of identifying what you prefer. Today…claim it.

Shake things up!

Just for today….remind yourself that you are a limitless field of pure potentiality. Your thoughts and feelings are the trigger of your creations. Everything is possible. Deliberately point your emotional compass and unleash your power. There is nothing grander than living powerfully, loving endlessly and creating effortlessly.


Just for today…remind yourself that you are limitless potential manifested. It is not a new age concept. It is not wishful thinking. It is the core essence of who you are. Your fears pale in comparison to the power that you are. Go ahead–push the envelope–move beyond your self-imposed boundaries. There are no such things […]


Just for today…remind yourself there are no limits. We live in a universe of pure potentiality. If we fear, it is only because our own power within this field is foreign to us. Fear is the only limit we place upon ourselves. Walk through it into the place within yourself where all things are possible.