Psychic Predictions

psychic predictions

***spoiler alert***

I am about to write something that will ruffle a few feathers for some. Be that as it may, it has never stopped me from voicing my truth.

I am often asked to make psychic predictions in my line of work. Why shouldn’t people ask when I label myself as a psychic medium? It is a common and appropriate question. However, my response is not what people typically expect. I don’t make psychic predictions. I believe they are disempowering to individuals. So how can that be? Aren’t psychics supposed to ‘know’ the future?

The truth is, we can, but not in the way that most people think. We can tell what someone is inviting into their reality by the feel of their energy, the things they say, and the issues they are most focused upon and how they are focused upon them. It is like the GPS of a reading. So in the interpretation of where the GPS is taking them do we tell them their worst fears will be realized very soon? No. The task of the lightworker is to redirect the energy to their benefit. So do we tell them they will win the lottery on Wednesday and all will be well? No. We merely give them something more positive to focus upon. We gently turn their boat around so that it is pointing downstream. We give them relief from their intense focus on what they don’t want and give them permission to focus on what they do want. A psychic can read the direction of energy and in their re-direction of that energy can see how things might be if the recipient’s focus changes thereby inferring a different possible outcome. Still, it depends solely on the recipient’s participation in moving toward that different possible outcome.

With this new focus seeded during a reading the recipient’s task is to hold onto the positive thought structure and feel it, live it, breathe it, focus on it. Then and only then will their future bend and turn to their desires. Depending on the momentum they have built up in the opposite direction it might turn out they experience just a little change in their circumstances, which is better than nothing. Some will focus intently and realize significant changes. The choice is theirs. The choice is always theirs. No psychic reader can make the choice for them.

Your focus is your power. Wherever you place it to any degree or intensity you are inviting what is focused upon into your reality. You are that powerful. A psychic will provide you clarity on what is possible but it is up to you to keep your boat turned so it flows effortlessly downstream. There is no concrete prediction from a psychic that doesn’t involve your participation–in fact–there is no prediction uttered by a psychic that doesn’t involve your participation.

It is probably not in your best interest to view psychics as charlatans, although in any given profession you may experience a few. We can identify trends and currents but a psychic can never focus for you, choose for you or live for you. They can lift the fog of confusion so you may glimpse your own clarity and your own answers. They will direct you back to your own authentic power each and every time–or at least they should. If they don’t and insist that their predictions are accurate and you should believe them–and you do–then you have effectively given your power away. In that way the process becomes disempowering.

I realize I may have taken much of the mystery and drama out of the equation when it comes to psychic predictions. However, you deserve to be reconnected with the wonder and power of who you are. Once you begin to understand the nature of energy you will be well on your way to solving a part of the great mystery of who you truly are and what is infinitely possible. Life becomes a series of effortless moments.

Psychic predictions. You are in charge. You always have been.


Predictions versus Trends

As a psychic, people consistently expect predictions to flow through me like a raging river tumbling over a cliff. I do not dabble in predictory services simply because I have a keen sense of the power that we are. A prediction sets the target on future events and our belief creates the dynamic that moves us toward that target. It is evident, at least to me, that whether or not a prediction comes to fruition is predicated on a collective consciousness belief structure on a global scale, and a personal belief structure on an individual scale. Predictions are constructs created in the illusion of our reality and generate emotion within that illusion. It is the emotional component that dictates at all times. I am a firm believer that the future is forged by every choice we make in the Now as that is the only place our power actually resides.

There are trends that we can be aware of as opposed to predictions. Trends are the underlying vibrational surges and waves that ebb and flow within us all at all times. It is in this way that we always have the knowledge and insight we require to base our choices and decisions within our illusions. We are energy. It cannot be any other way. We are not static beings. We are constantly riding the wave.

Because the nature of my services is based vibrations it just stands to reason that I will feel the vibrational wave and its current direction. It is the direction that allows the trends to be perceived. At present, the wave is especially strong so the trend is easier to discern. Whether or not the trend manifests itself into a conclusion (prediction) is immaterial. It is what we do with the trend, how we perceive it, and the choices we make within it that makes the difference.

The current wave, as stated, is strong. Energy has shifted and new dynamics have been created, as they always will be, when energy shifts. This is nothing to fear. It is simply the nature of who we are. This wave feels clearer, sharper than ever before which smacks of revelations–not the biblical revelations–but of secrets being uncovered. Secrets that have long been held will begin to show themselves. How this manifests will be the tantalizing mystery to many. If one understands the nature of energy, specifics won’t matter as the energy itself permeates all things, therefore, all things are impacted. It isn’t about knowing what will happen, it is about understanding yourself Now that will allow you to respond as events manifest.

These are exciting times. Worry less about knowing with certainty what will happen tomorrow, next month or next year. Know that the power to deliberately ride the wave of wisdom is who you are. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Surf’s up!