Moving FORWARD in life!

Rumi quote

“Look inside yourself. Everything that you want, you already are.” ~ Rumi

It has taken me years of communing with the Council of 12 to understand this simple quote. It has taken me years to realize that absolutely nothing resides outside of one’s Self. It is one thing to ‘know’ but it is quite another to apply the knowledge that allows for the wisdom to surface.

The Council of 12 has, rather relentlessly, told me that we as human beings have everything backwards. We believe backwards, we see backwards and ultimately we live backwards. It all seemed to fit as anytime I visited a human issue with the Council they would always tell me to flip the issue around and see it from its opposite. It worked. However, I did not realize until quite some time ago that their teachings could be applied straight across the board and were not selective as to issue or circumstance. The proverbial light bulb went on in my head.

We are well-being. We are a pure positive stream of well-being—eternally. It is our perspective of what is happening that causes us to believe we are anything different. Being a devoted follower of Abraham-Hicks I began to listen to the teachings from a different vantage point suggested to me by the Council of 12. The wisdom Abraham shares is absolutely spot on and I take great glee in understanding the insights from this deeper level. What Abraham is doing is helping to soothe and relax the egoic mind enough to allow desires to flow FROM us—not TO us. We are abundance. We just need to open ourselves to that fact and let it flow. We are optimum health. We just need to believe and act accordingly. We are already all the things we desire. We are manifestations in motion and the only thing preventing the tangible evidence of that—is our belief that it comes from somewhere else and we need to be worthy of such blessings. We ARE the blessings. We are pure magic.

So just for today, remind yourself that you are already everything that you desire, dream of and believe. Relax into the state of pure positive well-being and know with certainty that all is well. Keep this going for a time and you will unlock the treasure trove that is you—and has been you all along.

Go for it. You deserve the dignity of your own efforts. Why? Because you matter. You hold the proverbial magic wand. Believe it. Live it. Be it.