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Choose to be in charge

ara take charge

“Be aware without becoming immersed in that which is bothersome, frustrating or causes anger.  The more you focus upon those kinds of situations the more you attract like experiences into your reality.  You are a creator of infinite proportion by virtue of your focus.  If what you have been focusing on is not making you feel good you are inviting more of this into your world.  It matters not how a situation culminated, who said what—or didn’t, who did what—or didn’t, who is right—or not.  All that matters is your vibration. Tend to it in every moment.  Choose to be in charge.” ~ Ara Parisien


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ara let-go4

Regret:  feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

How many of us live in an almost constant state of regret?

We regret our past actions; we regret our inaction or reticence/reluctance of the past; we regret past communications or lack thereof.  We regret everything we could have done, should have done and would have done if we had been given the chance or mustered the courage.

Do you see the common thread in the regret we feel?  It is all stemming from the past.  We are living a moment in time in our minds that can never be again.  Therefore it cannot be changed at its point of origin.

How do we make the shift from this regret?  How do we let go and move forward?

It is helpful to know that this moment, this ‘right now’ is the only time available to you to make any shift, change or new choices.  It is the only logistical position you have—ever!  Yes, you are able to dwell on the past for as long as you like but the results never change.  All it changes is the way you feel right Now.  And that feeling is never a good one.  Remember that whatever you feel and think in the Now is beginning to unfold as  a reality in your future.

There is a powerful Universal Law of Karma.  It is otherwise known as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  It states that whatever you think, do or say, choose or don’t choose (the Cause) will unfold an Effect or result.  If you do not like the results you have been living then it is time to offer a different causal thought/feeling.  Starting Now.

Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.”  Do better, right here, right Now.

The first step is to forgive yourself for locking into a self-imposed prison of guilt, regret and ‘if only’.  The prison keeps you mired in the past.  You were meant to soar.  Your freedom is available right Now. Free yourself.  Choose differently, think differently, and trust me, you will begin to feel differently.  You’re worth it! ~ Ara Parisien, International Medium & Spiritual Teacher

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Unfold The Life You Want


It’s March—a brand new month and the precursor to glorious Spring! It’s a time for new directions to new horizons. It’s a time for burgeoning growth. Why not seek out the clarity you need to navigate these fresh, new waters! I am taking one-on-one students (or groups if preferred) for my popular course, Unfold The Life You Want. Uncover and understand the tools you already possess and use them to create the reality you prefer. This course will teach you the meaning of the tools, how to use them and most importantly it will demystify the mechanics of how the Universe works! Once you realize ‘why’ it works the way it does you will have a clear understanding of the power that you are—that you have always been! Send me a message on Facebook or email me at to book or to get more information. Let’s do this!!

Available online or in person!

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Fractal Thought Energy

fractal Everything in this Universe functions through fractal energy patterns. Trees represent a pattern of logical and repetitive consciousness, as do rocks, birds, stars, me and you. Our thoughts are fractal energy as well, stretching, reaching, spiraling and bursting forth in a pattern dictated not only by our thoughts but how our thoughts make us feel. When you consider what your future holds it might bode well to retreat within Self and understand the fractal path your thoughts and emotions have taken. Be mindful that each thought carries you, moves you and carves out a reality that you either want or do not want. There are no surprises when it comes to considering the future. We are in charge of the future right now.

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Just for today…remind yourself that what you give your attention to actually opens the door to manifestation. If you are worrying you are inviting what you least want into your reality. You are powerful beyond measure. You are creation in motion. Cast worry aside and focus on what is positive and right in your world. If you do, you will not have to worry about what is coming your way. You will know with certainty what to expect!

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Just for today…remind yourself that nothing outside of you can occur that is out of your control. Nothing in this universe is random nor arbitrary. In order for manifestations to occur in your reality you first give birth to them vibrationally internally. You are in control. You only feel put upon by life when you are unaware of what you hold on deeper levels. It all is so perfect—if we could see it that way.