The Path of Least Resistance

Thought for the day:   We have all heard of the ‘path of least resistance’.  This pathway is not external from you.  YOU are the path of least resistance.  You either re-lax and let the energy flow you to your desire or you re-sist and close the door.  BE the path of least resistance.  Relax.  Let […]


There is nothing more freeing than feeling the first twinge of relief after a prolonged bout of resistance. Like an elastic band stretched to its absolute limit and suddenly freed we are emotionally catapulted to the relief we seek. We always have access to that relief. We always have access to our innate power. We […]


Just for today…make the time to sit quietly. Close your eyes and feel resistance melt away. Allow yourself to be carried inward. When you are connected to Self in this way it is then that you see.